Why Choose Essential Oils


Why Choose Essential Oils, what are they? 

Essential oils are naturally in plants, they are volatile aromatic compounds, extracted from the plants flowers, seeds, roots, bark, rind, or other plant parts. The essential oils are what give a plant it’s distinctive scent. The essential oils from a plant are best extracted by a distillation process or by expression. The method used depends on the type of plant the essential oil is being extracted from. When you peel an orange and smell it’s uplifting fragrance, you are smelling the orange peel’s essential oils that have been expressed by pressing on the rind.

Why do we need essential oils? 

Essential oils have a variety of useful purposes including emotional and physical wellness, pet wellness, household cleaning, and many more. They can be used individually as a single oil, like lemon essential oil as a glass cleaner as well as other home-made cleaning recipes. Or in combination such as using lemon, lemongrass, and lime in a diffuser giving an energetic and uplifting mood to help you finish the day’s chores.


The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is built with layers of:


The benefits of using essential oil aromatherapy daily. 

Essential oils can help make daily life a bit easier, happier, and smell irresistible. Each essential oil has it’s own designed benefit, many uplift your mood, help guide your sense of purpose, and bring joy into the atmosphere. Others are calming, evoking tranquillity and peace. Essential oils observed in scientific research posses cleansing benefits, oral health support, and uplift your mood.


How to apply and use essential oils. 

There are several ways that essential oils can be safely used. In regards to your body, essential oils can be applied topically, internally, or by inhalation. Essential oils may be used by ingestion using a veggie capsule and carrier oil, guidance is suggested before beginning. Essential oils can also be used to clean and deodorize your home, add them to your laundry routine in the wash or dryer. Essential oils may also be used in your vehicle to create an uplifting mood while commuting. Even our fur and feather baby pets can benefit from the wonderful gift of essential oils.


Are essential oils safe to use? 

Yes, they are very safe when used properly. Essential oils are to be respected, and should be used with reverence to their abilities to improve your health. They are amazing gifts, that can offer help to support our emotions, memory, behaviour, and physical well being.


Which essential oil should I use and from where do I purchase?

Often times our body will tell us which essential oil is best to use, because you will feel drawn to the sent of a specific oil. Lavender, frankincense, lemon, basil, are essential oils that offer common benefits when used. But to know which one is best; choose the one that you are most drawn to first, then build from that point. This link contains a collection of my favorite essential oils that I suggest beginning with.

You’ll fall in love with essential oils! 

If you haven’t tried essential oils yet, I really hope you give yourself the blessing of adding them to your health routine. Think of how relaxing it is to smell basil growing fresh in the garden or the awakening fragrance of freshly sliced lemon. You can have this experience whenever you’d like by using basil or lemon as an essential oil. Before I began using essential oils, I thought I wasn’t missing out on anything special and that I didn’t deserve or need to invest in my health that way. I am so happy that prayer helped to change my mind. Now I see that we are worth treating our health with essential oils. I am relieved that essential oils are now a part of my life, and I enjoy sharing them with others so they too may have a similar experience.


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