Essential oils and supplements are a part of my daily regiment. These products have helped me reach personal health and wellness goals that would have taken either a long time to accomplish or perhaps been impossible to achieve without.

The information and suggestions of supplements are based upon my own experience of having personally used them. I have tried countless supplements and will only suggest those that I found to be beneficial and continue to use. It’s overwhelming to me how many supplement and essential oil options exist. My hope for curating a specific list of these oils and supplements will free you from the arduous task of having to complete the search yourself, saving you extra time and resources.

I have tried several different brands of essential oils before settling on doTERRA. Each essential oil is carefully crafted using steam distillation or expression, and tested to ensure therapeutic grade quality. When you choose doTERRA, I will be your wellness advocate offering you support and guidance with how to select and use essential oils. You will instantly become part of a community that will encourage and strengthen you. The plants sourced to make these essential oils come from farmers, harvesters, and distillers from around the globe. doTERRA makes a positive difference in their lives through the Healing Hands program. Choosing doTERRA essential oils joins you with a large network that is working together to improve communities in need and improve the lives of all of it’s members, including yourself!


Geranium and Lime Essential Oil
Peace + Purpose Blend

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