A Typical Day on the Alkaline Diet

A Typical Day on the Alkaline Diet.

This is a bone-structure outline of the alkaline diet lifestyle. By using this as a guideline, it can help with establishing the habit of choosing foods according to the alkaline diet principles. As you become more comfortable with this lifestyle, add in elements that make it your own.


First, drink water.

The first thing upon rising is drink water to replenish fluids lost while sleeping. I like to start with about 1 litre of water in the morning. 


Simple Alkaline Diet Breakfast. 

Some breakfast options can be a large bowl of citrus fruit or watermelon.

If you own a juicer, make a quick couple ingredients fresh vegetable juice.

Green smoothies are another easy to prepare quick breakfast meal when using a blender.

One surprisingly filling breakfast is an entire young coconut, though this one isn’t as quick to prepare as the others so it’s a good breakfast for slow mornings.

Keeping breakfast light and fresh, helps to feel energized throughout the day because it will not take much energy to digest the food. The idea of having a big hearty breakfast for energy lasting until noon may actually be counterproductive because it takes a considerable amount of energy to digest the foods eaten.


Lunch time greens.

Keep lunch green, or as green as possible. The easiest lunch is having a meal that’s been nicked-named “Bag o’ Veggies” listed in the 10-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge Meal Plan

Chopped vegetables with avocado dip or hummus is portable and filling.

My current lunch-time obsession is a simplified version of taco salad. Saute onion, garlic, cumin, coconut oil or butter. Then toss with black beans, lemon juice and pink Himalayan salt. Fill your plate with salad greens using the beans as a salad topping, garnish with fresh cilantro.


This is the meal that you could take more time to prepare and give that Pinterest recipe you drooled over at lunch break a try.

Or continuing with the simple theme, have a repeat of the vegetables that you had for snack and add a head of red leaf lettuce, fresh dill and green onion, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper. This is a salad recipe that is included in the Curing Vision 10-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge Meal Plan.



Avocado is a staple food of the alkaline diet. It is a complete protein, perfect amount of fat for satiety, and it’s green. If you’re allergic to avocado, I send my sympathy, you could try using hemp hearts as a supplement to the recipes that you see using avocado. Blending 1/4 cup of hemp hearts with lemon juice, salt, and water is a perfect creamy salad dressing option. The complete hemp dressing recipe is included in the meal plan. If you like both hemp and avocado, this dinner salad recipe uses them both



If you find yourself hungry with the diet changes, give fat a chance. Avocado or hemp hearts provide omega oils that are essential to our health and can help with feeling full after a meal. That is one reason they are included in many alkaline diet recipes.


Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For snacks, you could have fruit, more water, more fruit-type vegetables (cucumber, bell pepper), or herbal tea. The key idea to remember during snack time is try to not eat something too sweet, such as a handful of candy. Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level is going to help with managing cravings of foods that you are wanting to limit.

This diet is meant to help you find balance. Making it over restrictive with rigid boundaries could cause unnecessary stress.

You’re the one making all the rules.

If you want to keep on target with choosing only raw vegetables and fruit, do that. If you leave snack options open for visiting your favorite bakery with coffee and a friend, do that.

Don’t stress yourself out with rigid guidelines, and never consider yourself a failure if you gave into the slice of pizza during a work lunch meeting.

Keep adding in the good stuff, positive attitude included, and keep making progress.


Unwind the day.

A perfect ending to the day is a warm cup of herbal tea, essential oils in the diffuser, and catching up on my favorite YouTube channels. 

The most important thing to keep in mind as you shift your day to follow the alkaline way, stay positive and don’t stress. This diet is for helping you find your balance. 


Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website www.CuringVision.com

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