Proof the Alkaline Diet Works


Where’s the scientific proof that the alkaline diet works?

If you need proof before transitioning into the Alkaline Diet, why? Why do you need proof that eating more vegetables is good? We all innately know that vegetables promote good health. Think of how squeaky clean you feel after eating a fresh, juicy cucumber. There is no harm to adding in more carrots to your diet. There is no harm to adding in more green leaf lettuce salads either. And there certainly is no harm in eating a bowl of juicy watermelon for breakfast. However, if you still want to read the research that supports eating a plant-based alkaline foods diet, here are a few links that you can follow.

  1. “The Alkaline Diet: Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health?” This article finds that, “it would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to reduce morbidity and mortality of chronic disease that are plaguing our aging population.” In short, eating according to the principles of the alkaline diet was found to support a better quality of health for the long run.
  2.  “Does correction of metabolic acidosis slow chronic kidney disease progression?” This article summarizes that patients diagnosed with kidney disease that “dietary acid reduction holds promise to be an additional kidney-protective strategy in CKD management.” This means, if you eat more greens (alkaline forming foods) and less meat or sweets (acid forming foods) this could improve the symptoms associated with kidney disease.
  3. “Supplementation with alkaline minerals reduces symptoms in patients with chronic low back pain.” This article supports promising relief for those that suffer from chronic low back pain by stating, “The results show that a disturbed acid-base balance may contribute to the symptoms of low back pain. The simple and safe addition of an alkaline multimineral preparate was able to reduce the pain symptoms in these patients with chronic low back pain.” This study found the simple addition of an alkaline multimineral to reduce chronic low back pain, how amazing!
  4. Alkaline diets favor lean tissue mass in older adults.” In this article we find the exciting news that, “an index of alkaline potassium salt intake, is associated with a higher %LBM in healthy older men and women.” This means that a diet in alkaline forming foods rich with potassium may increase your lean body mass percentage (%LBM).



If you follow the links of the above mentioned articles, several contain links at the bottoms of the articles to other research supporting the efficacy and importance of the alkaline diet. They’re little nuggets of experiment goodness!

Hopefully this sample of research is enough to persuade you to eat more greens. And hey, if taking out soda or pastries or chicken dinner is giving you heart palpitations of anxiety, then don’t take them out right away. Adding in more green leafs, more green vegetables, more fruit, more good stuff will help you transition your diet choices into a place of being in balance and healing.

Have fun reading the research, and have even more fun relishing in this alkaline forming delicious Kale Basil Salad, that also happens to be super easy and quick to put together. The Alkaline Diet food chart by Curing Vision details which commonly eaten foods are best when following the principles of the diet. And if you need help with creating meals, when you join the website’s mailing list you will receive a copy of the 10-day Alkaline Diet Challenge Meal Plan.

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