Salad and Bone broth blended meal for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Blended Meals, Tubefed Meals, Paleo Autoimmune, Gut Healing, Bone Broth Diet

The Digestive Health Benefits of Bone Broth.

I have recently added bone broth in my health routine to explore the benefits of it’s gut healing abilities first hand. Over the past four years, I have made a tremendous amount of improvement in my health status; reversed symptoms of four autoimmune diseases, improved monthly cycle, reversed dependency on sugary foods, and many others that you can read on the About Me page. I still have occasional digestive discomfort because it takes time to heal a body that was neglected for more than thirty years.

I know that many proponents of the Alkaline Diet claim to be a vegan or vegetarian, I don’t claim to be either of these. I am a person that eats foods according to my spiritual connection with God, this is how I originally found the alkaline diet principles.

If I can achieve a health improvement without the help of animals, then I do that. If I feel the need to ask animals to help me achieve a specific health goal, then I listen for where I am guided.

Knowing that God was leading me to use bone broth for my digestive health, I began by searching for the best products available in my area. I have been drinking, and using homemade bone broth made with chicken bones, feet and beef bones available from Sunworks Farm.

The farmers of Sunworks Farm have truly organic and humanely raised animals. I have personally visited their farm, and it is exactly how animals should be raised and treated. It’s such a peaceful little piece of land for the animals to live.

When you are looking for a source of bones, choose animals that have been grass-fed, allowed to roam the land, and organically raised without antibiotics or hormones. Many times this can be found at your local farmers market. If not, an internet search can help you find a supplier that is willing to ship their products to you. Look for wording like, life long grass fed, pasture raised, never treated with antibiotics or steroids, and organic.

Salad and Bone broth blended meal for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Blended Meals, Tubefed Meals, Paleo Autoimmune, Gut Healing, Bone Broth Diet

How to Make Raw Vegetable Soup with Bone Broth.

Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I will have left over bits of salad. Often these go to waste because I can’t pawn them onto my dogs to eat. They like veggies but salad is still not their favorite and they’ll just lick the butter right off of the greens (melted butter is how I inspire them to eat veggies). Often when I store the leftover salad in the fridge, it still goes to waste. Honestly, who likes day-old salad? It just never tastes good the next day.

Now that I have added bone broth into my diet, I always have a jar of it in the refrigerator. I decided to make good use of the left over salad from last night’s dinner by blending it with warmed bone broth to make a blended raw vegetable soup. To my relief, it tasted amazing and I haven’t been able to get enough of it since!

Raw soups are an option to have as a savoury smoothie if you tire of the sweet smoothie recipes. To make the blended soup, I simply add left over salad (or fresh salad pieces) with warm bone broth. My favorite combinations are lettuce greens, red bell pepper, tomato, avocado, and bone broth. The recipe tastes like fresh vegetable soup.

The best part about having salad this way is that you may easily absorb the fat soluble nutrients in the vegetables with the bone broth because they are blended together so well before digestion. (1)

Salad and Bone broth blended meal for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Blended Meals, Tubefed Meals, Paleo Autoimmune, Gut Healing, Bone Broth Diet

Recipe for Blended Vegetable Bone Broth Soup.

Savoury Raw Vegetable Bone Broth Blender Soup


  • 1 cup Lettuce Greens
  • 1/2 cup Bell Pepper
  • 1/2 cup Tomato
  • 1/4 cup Avocado
  • 1 - 2 cups Warmed Bone Broth


  1. Place all vegetables and half of bone broth into a blender, blend until smooth.
  2. Add more bone broth to reach desired soup consistency.
  3. Pour into bowl or a cup and enjoy!
  4. You can use any amount or variety of vegetables for this soup as you desire, the ingredients are for reference and suggestion.
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My Personal Improvements from Drinking Bone Broth.

I have noticed an improvement in the permeability of my intestinal lining. This is not something that I have had proven without doubt by colonoscopy with a doctor, so no pictures and you’ll have to take my word for it.

There are certain foods that cause my digestive system to bloat with triggering neck discomfort, head discomfort, or upper chest discomfort. They’re simple foods that for many people cause no problem at all, but for a person that took antibiotics for 30+ years of their life like myself, these foods are not going to digest well because of the intestinal health history. I have noticed that since adding the bone broth into my diet, my digestive system is responding better to these foods.

One food in particular broke my heart that it was difficult to eat, seeded watermelon. Eating watermelon was becoming difficult, to the point of causing an intense burning sensation in my digestive system that would radiate to my chest causing such an intense feeling that it would take my breath. Yes, just eating a simple food like watermelon was triggering this.

If you are reading this and have experienced a similar response, please know that it is not the watermelon to blame and that there is hope for improvement.

I’m all but obsessed with watermelons. In the summer, this is the only food that I eat for breakfast. I have diligently worked to improve the bacterial balance in my gut, removing fungus, and mold. If I had pursued a diagnosis with my family doctor, I could have been diagnosed with IBS and/or SIBO. (2, 3) It was his suggestion that this may be an explanation for my digestive woes. However, four autoimmune disease diagnosis’s were enough for me and I was ready to take my healthcare as my own responsibility.

One Month of Bone Broth.

After drinking bone broth for one month, I wanted to know how well my gut had healed and purchased a watermelon to test how it would digest. I was so elated to experience nothing. No pain in my gut, no pain moving up to my chest. I experienced nothing more than joy that I was finally able to eat watermelon again in comfort.

I hope you give this soup a try, it has become one of my favorite meals to have. The simplicity is a relief, and the benefits of the foods will also give you gut relief. What is your favorite way to drink bone broth?

Much Love,


p.s. If you are interested in adding bone broth into your diet, look for the best of the best. Be sure to check out the Sunworks Farm website, hopefully you will be close enough to try their products too.

Kitchen tools to make this recipe:

Highspeed Blender for the Soup

Electric Pressure/Slow Cooker for the Bone Broth

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Salad and Bone broth blended meal for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Blended Meals, Tubefed Meals, Paleo Autoimmune, Gut Healing, Bone Broth Diet

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