Organic Raw Cow Milk Kefir Grains


1 Tbsp, Organic Raw Cow Milk Kefir Grains

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Affordably make your own cow milk kefir at home. Purchase includes 1 tablespoon of active milk kefir grains, grown exclusively in organic raw cow milk. Easy instructions, never buy milk kefir again. 

Directions listed below. 


Organic Raw Cow Milk Kefir Grains

Milk Kefir Directions:

Items needed: Milk kefir grains, glass jar, plastic lid or clean cotton cloth with rubber band.

Milk kefir in my opinion is the easiest fermented food to make, it is very forgiving, and allows room for many mistakes before the grains are completely ruined.

To make milk kefir, the most important rule to remember is to never, ever, ever rinse the kefir grains with water. Kefir grains are a living protein and lipid symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria with a jelly-like texture used to ferment milk into a probiotic rich food for supporting digestive and overall well-being.

Place kefir grains into a clean glass jar, pour over fresh raw milk. Pasteurized milk can be used, if possible avoid using milk with added vitamin D & A. Cover the jar loosely with a plastic lid or clean cotton cloth secured with rubber band. Leave the kefir jar on a kitchen counter away from other ferments, coffee, stove, or microwave at room temperature out of direct sunlight to ferment. Fermentation time depends upon the environment and temperature of the room. Expect between 24 to 48 hours for fermentation time to complete. Fermentation may go longer for a strong tangy flavor of milk kefir, this is determined by your taste preference.

To begin the next batch of milk kefir, move kefir grains (do not rinse with water or milk) into a new clean glass jar pour over fresh milk and allow to ferment. Finished fermented milk kefir can be used in recipes, drink plain, used in salad dressings, dip recipes, add fruit (not pineapple) or other sweeteners, blend into smoothie recipes (excluding pineapple) and enjoy!

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