Curing Vision Alkaline Diet Meal Plan


This is the meal plan that I wish would have been available to me when I began the Alkaline Diet. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. The Curing Vision 10-Day Alkaline Diet Meal Plan includes directions for how to use the plan, meal recipes, food preparation tips, and shopping list.




This plan includes one meal per day planned for you. It does not include 3 square meals per day for ten days. Why? Because that is setting you up for failure. It’s too much for our minds to handle an instant switch of something completely different. However, should you want to fully change, the meals are easily combined for a full day’s meal plan.

Each meal is all plant-based making it easy to adjust to your personal dietary preference. Salads can include your own home or locally grown eggs and meat.

This plan helps to ease your habits into the shift of choosing more healthful foods and removes the confusion of what to eat when trying something new by supplying a fully planned grocery list, meal recipes, and planner for ten days.

Everything is planned for you. Just download the file, print, and collect your food to begin!


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