This month has been particularly trying in my own health journey. I like to get lost in the moment and think that I am super human, but in reality I am a person that does her best each day. I may share pieces about my health journey, but often feel like I shield my heart from being shared because that makes me more vulnerable.



There have been some challenges in remodeling my home, and tears were definitely shed. If you have ever remodeled you know that with each item being crossed off the list as done, that opens space for two more to be added. As frustrating as it is, I can see the parallel of this with my own health. A few years ago when I was able to manage all symptoms associated with the autoimmune diseases I had been diagnosed with, I felt like I was done healing. End of journey. Back to normal life.

That was just the beginning of my health journey, and now I have a much broader task of healing my digestive system. What I have come to believe the root of all my causes is a blend of mold exposure, antibiotic overuse, and poor food choices that led to the destruction of my gut microbiome and digestive system. While I may no longer have issues with imbalanced hormones, and skin discolorations, my digestive system still needs more work and intentional healing.

Alkaline Diet Health Plan Progress, October 2017 What I Have Been Doing, Plus 6 Free Essential Oils from CuringVision.com



Over the summer I became very carefree with my food choices. Again, I’m not a super human and I have cravings just like all the rest of us. Right now I would be happy with a bowl of salt & vinegar potato chips, but am sticking to it with healing my gut and have opted for a no-sugar green smoothie instead. Not as exciting as a favorite chip flavor, but definitely healing up the digestion so that is a benefit to holding onto my goals.

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The most exciting event that happened recently, I have been accepted to attend school at Tennessee Tech University! My plan is to receive a second bachelors degree. The first one was a BFA in Metals, which I will share more about that with you soon. The biggest concern that I have right now is to not forget that I am a student, again! It has been over 11 years since I was last taking classes and the habit of remembering which class I need to attend each day is long gone. I still have nightmares of going into a university class, it’s the final, and realizing that I haven’t been to the class all semester!

However, silly fears aside, this Spring 2018 semester I will be enrolling as a student in the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology to study Nutrition and Dietetics. A few semesters down the road, I will become a Registered Dietitian. Just the thought of holding that certificate makes my eyes light up and sparkle.

I phrase it as a few semesters because that seems much more manageable than a few years. It’s just like anything in life, you start the change by taking one step at a time. If you’re thinking of going back to school as a non-traditional student, I encourage you to go for it! Just ask yourself, what else are you going to be doing, why not give it a try?



This degree will help open more opportunities to allow me to help you, and those that face dietary challenges each day. My heart and focus is to assist those with feeding tubes and help them plan a blended diet to no longer need the assistance of formula as their source of nutrition. Just because a person has a feeding tube, it doesn’t mean that they are not entitled to eat real food. I would like to help change the standard of care for tubies from formula to real food.



So many people say to me, “I don’t know how you do it all. You manage so much each day, how do you hold it all together?” As stressful as remodeling a home is, managing a dietary plan to rebuild my digestive system, and preparing to go back to university; outside of prayer, the one thing that has kept me grounded and focused is using essential oils. Any time I feel unfocused and unmotivated because of overwhelming to-do lists, I use essential oils to help me refocus. It’s the honest truth.


Curing Vision Essential Oil Recipe Diffuser Blend Lime and Geranium for Peace + Purpose

Peace + Purpose Blend


If you haven’t tried essential oils think to the time you peeled a grapefruit or orange. The essential oils are released when you tear the peeling, smelling them most likely makes you feel calm and clear minded. If you add a slice of lime in your salad, you’ve already experienced the cleansing abilities of lime essential oil.



My favorite blend to diffuse is four drops each of lemon, lemongrass, and lime. I call this my “Get Up and Go Blend” because it always gives me a sense of feeling energized, balanced, and uplifted. I honestly feel like no to-do list is too long when I have this blend in the diffuser.

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These three oils are an easy way to instantly inspire and invigorate yourself when life becomes a little more challenging than you’d care for it to be. This month, with all of my own set backs and challenges, I still kept coming to a prayer mindset of generosity. Every time I felt like something was being taken away from me, I also felt like it was to open the door to a better possibility. This is why I wanted to do something for you that can further inspire generosity. I want to pass on to you these essential oils that have helped me so tremendously to you as a free gift.



For the entire month of October 2017, doTERRA is giving for free 15mL bottles of three of their top blends; Citrus Bliss, Balance, and Serenity to each person that places a single order of 200pv or more.  One of the many reasons that I love ordering from doTERRA, their customer appreciation is incredible.6 Free Essential Oils Curing Vision doTERRA October 2017 Promotion



Citrus Bliss is an essential oil that I often apply in the morning to help energize my day. The fresh citrus and vanilla scent is cleansing and combats anything that could be preventing your start to the day.

As the day moves on and you start to feel like your mood is falling down too far, diffusing Balance can help you feel like your mind and body are realigned in harmony. I have been told so many stories of how this essential oil blend has helped them or a loved one stay focused in school and work throughout the day. For many, it has been life changing.

Then, at night time when you need to unwind and sleep well, applying Serenity with a carrier oil to the back of your neck can help you relax and fall into a peaceful nights sleep. It is unnecessarily common to have a difficult time turning your mind off at night to sleep, especially when essential oils can help so easily. This blend contains some of the best oils for winding down.



While I know I am not super human, it is easy to think so because when I am feeling stressed and unfocused all I have to do is apply essential oils and my day comes back into balance. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t use them since beginning two years ago; and I can’t imagine having to go throughout daily life without access to these essential oils. They easily are the solution to many common issues that I have. It’s a relief to finally feel like I have control of how I live and make choices for my healthcare because I know that I have protection.

My experience with essential oils has given me a feeling of calm and understanding. It’s a gift that I know needs to be shared with those around me. For this month of October 2017 I felt inspired to offer a large gift of appreciation and blessing to you. If you are a new customer to doTERRA when you enroll as a wholesale customer using this link and place an order of 200pv or more you will receive from doTERRA the free gift of Citrus Bliss, Balance, and Serenity. I will also personally give you my favorite essential oils to blend together of Lemon, Lime, and Lemongrass in the largest bottle of 15mL. It’s my way of giving grace to you that has been so generously given to me.

If you order before midnight on October 31, 2017 you will receive 6 free bottles of essential oils with a total retail value of $126.33. When I first began using doTERRA essential oils my free gift was valued at $93.00 and I can remember how excited I was to have been given such a generous offering. I would love to pass that feeling onto you.

Six Free Essential Oils Sale for New doTERRA Customers October 2017 Promotion from CuringVision.com
Six Free Oils for New doTERRA Customers


When I decided to become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA it was for many reasons. First I wanted to be able to offer health protection to myself and family members. It is important to me to feel like I have control of my health and that it is not in the hands of some unknown entity. It is my passion and wish to inspire change and confidence in others to have their health back. I don’t want people to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to help inspire and change that!



Being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate holds the possibility to earn and give back to those that come into my life. I am putting myself in a place of being able to give back and would love to bless those around me just as I have felt blessed. If you have any questions of how to recieve your free essential oils, please contact me at curingvision@gmail.com or watch the Instagram story @curingvision for the details.




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