How to Follow the Alkaline Diet Without Cooking a Single Meal


Healthy cooking.

It took me a long time to start eating more healthfully because, well, how do you cook a healthy meal? It was so foreign! If it comes in a box or packet with instructions, and has the word “Healthy” on the wrapper, no problem. To make a meal that is good for me, and the meal was ingredients – instead of reading ingredients; I was clueless.

At some point, I had to jump in. After a few hits, and a lot more misses, I dove right into Pinterest. It is a good rescue place for dinner when the ideas have run short. And no, I didn’t eat all of the desserts that I’ve pinned (sad but true). They’re for inspiration to clean up into alkaline friendlier versions. Pinterest has been the best tool for helping me figure out how to prepare alkaline diet meals. My trick, since alkaline is still relatively new, type “raw vegan ____” in the search bar. This typically returns a veggie packed recipe since by default the recipe will be vegetable focused, then you can alter by lightly cooking parts, adding millet, or maybe a side of grass-fed organic meat.  For a list of alkaline diet foods, you can print out a copy of the Curing Vision Food Chart


Short on Time to Prepare Healthy Meals?

Sometimes we don’t have time to research for new meals to try, we get burned out by all of the new, and it was during this phase for myself that I discovered how to do this diet more simply. Want to know how to follow the Alkaline Diet without ever cooking a single meal? Don’t cook.

For a quick on the go meal, try a mono-meal which is eating one type of fruit or vegetable in a large enough volume to completely satisfy your hunger. Eating one thing for an entire meal takes the guess work out of what to cook.

Consuming raw vegetables or fruit in their close to original shape is the simplest way to prepare a meal. Now you may be thinking, “That’s nice and all Jessie, but that seems pretty boring.” Yes, I thought so too, until I pushed myself out of my habit zone.

A big bowl of seeded watermelon is anything from boring. A bowl of concord grapes, I excitedly wait all year for those. A bowl of figs, no words can describe that bliss. A salad twice as big as your head, can you save me some when you make it? An entire papaya for breakfast, yes please! Kale, lemon juice, sea salt, avocado – this tastes life-giving! All that I’m saying is, just try it. Challenge yourself to change your food choice preferences. Don’t hang up on what you can’t eat. You can eat what ever your desire. This is about choice not want. What will you choose to feed yourself?

Challenge yourself.

Amazing growth will surely blossom from challenging yourself. It is possible to follow the Alkaline Diet without ever cooking a single meal. To help you begin preparing alkaline meals, try the easy to follow meal plan Curing Vision Alkaline Diet Meal Plan. It comes with a meal plan, recipes, shopping list; and of course all of the meals are quick and easy to prepare.


Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website


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