I Chose to Change.

What helped me decide to change? The short answer is prayer. I would be lying and doing us all a disservice to omit that part of my journey because it was prayer that started this, prayer that pulled me through, and prayer that will finish it. My faith in God, and that there is a much larger meaning to my poor health and the cause of the diseases I had been diagnosed with is what kept me motivated to never give up.

This doesn’t mean I had a strong faith in the existence of God to begin with. It’s quite the opposite. I could, at times, see that there was an order to things. I noticed events happening in a positive flow, without any effort; and I could feel that there was most likely an energy that was controlling that flow. I also would have thoughts that didn’t seem my own, they were very direct and felt different in tone than my own thoughts.

But what was causing all of this: God, a Creator, a Being, I wasn’t sure yet. So I made a deal with this energy that I could feel and hear, “If you exist, if you are God, I will surrender to you so that you may use this healing journey to prove it.” A quick warning; when you ask God to prove His existence and truly mean that, just brace yourself for the best spiritual journey you can imagine. It is amazing!

After deciding to make this commitment, initially I felt scared, “How was I to do the impossible and what exactly have I agreed to?!” Luckily God quickly comforted me with the realization that nothing was wrong with my body. I had been given a wonderful body to live this life. My body wasn’t a faulty product; I was experiencing an issue of operator problems. Quite simply, I was using my body improperly each day and now the goal had been set to discover what I should be doing.

On November 26, 2012 I began modifying my lifestyle, and haven’t looked back since!