Alkaline Water.

Alkaline forming drinking water is very important to improving and maintaining good health. It is my personal goal to drink at least 3L of filtered alkaline water each day, using the recipe below. I also give my pets the same water to drink, they need minerals too.

Ingredients to make water more alkaline forming:


Measure and add drops to drinking water container, add water. Optional, add lemon slices or other favorite water flavoring fruit or herb.


Clean water is our life force.

The water that I make is similar to bottled alkaline water that can be purchased off the shelf, and it is more affordable for everyday consumption. When travelling, I purchase bottled alkaline waters when available in the stores. If not, I purchase gallon jugs of filtered water from the grocery store filtration system. However, when I am at home, I make the drinking water myself.


What type of filter is best?

The best filter is the one that you can afford and the one that you will use. I use a simple Brita 10 Cup BPA Free Water Pitcher. I know that the water filter selection is full of many excellent options, for many years I used a reverse osmosis water filter. First an under counter filter, this is perfect if you know you will be living in your home for a long period of time. I moved, so with the next house I purchased a countertop reverse osmosis filter so that I could move it from house to house. This one works well for taste, but the pressure was very slow and I would need to collect water to have on reserve because it was too slow to quickly fill a glass or cooking pot. In the future I will try using a Berkey water filter. These are transportable, not easy on counter space, but filter the water very well.

At this point, I prefer to choose the water filter that is simple, easy to use, affordable, and works well to improve the taste and quality of my drinking water. If you are supplied city municipal water, it is very important to filter your tap water before drinking. From the Brita website this is the description of how their filters work.

In a Brita® Bottle filter, activated carbon filters out the taste and odour of chlorine, leaving you with great-tasting drinking water.

Why is it important to drink alkaline forming water?

There are many reasons to drink alkaline forming water, but the main reason that I choose to, is to save the health of my tissues. Minerals are needed to form hair, skin, muscle, bone, teeth, essentially every bodily function. On the cellular level, the human body needs nutrients to grow mitochondria which live in our cells creating energy from the foods we eat. (1) The health and stability of mitochondria is enhanced by consumption of trace minerals, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, and a diet that promotes stable blood sugar levels. If these cells are not fed well, they cannot reproduce and form energy, life eventually ends. (2)


What other reasons support the need for drinking alkaline forming water?

The job of the kidneys as described on the National Kidney Foundation’s website,

The critical regulation of the body’s salt, potassium and acid content is performed by the kidneys. The kidneys also produce hormones that affect the function of other organs. For example, a hormone produced by the kidneys stimulates red blood cell production. Other hormones produced by the kidneys help regulate blood pressure and control calcium metabolism.

Minerals interact with each other; sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphate all need to be kept in balance to promote healthy kidney function. The primary jobs of the kidneys is to use minerals to buffer excess acids, produce hormones, filter the blood, and remove waste within urine. This makes the kidneys also responsible for the function of other organs because of hormone production, mineral balance, and red blood cell production. It is crucial that we make lifestyle choices to support the function and health of our kidneys. This further highlights the importance of proper hydration and trace mineral consumption, in order to maintain optimum health.


How to make alkaline forming drinking water?

To make my drinking water alkaline forming, I use a product called ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, a complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals from the company Trace Minerals Research. Rather than consuming the concentrated recommended dosage in one glass of water, I spread out this dosage over several cups per day. My preferred dose is one-quarter teaspoon added to one litre of filtered water. Occasionally, when in a hurry, I will add a small squirt of the mineral drops to a glass cup and fill with water. If you can taste the minerals, it has a strong bitter taste, you have added too much to the water. Simply dilute by adding more drinking water.

By adding these trace minerals to drinking water, it is making the water alkaline forming. This is referring to how the minerals perform once they have been consumed. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium are alkaline minerals. In the body, they bind and neutralise acids, the waste is removed through bodily fluids to maintain it’s preferred alkaline state. Research has shown many times, the health benefit of eating foods according to the principles of the Alkaline Diet and drinking alkaline water. (3)


How do you know if the water is alkaline forming?

You don’t need a specific gadget or pH strips to test the pH value of your water. The simplest way to test the alkalinity is by a taste test estimate. When I first read how to do this trick, I was very sceptical and thought, “Yeah, right, what else is in that water?” After trying it, it truly is very simple to notice if your water is alkaline by using a simple taste test. When you do this you will be amazed by how smart your body truly is, and probably remember the times that you joked about drinking water that “just makes you more thirsty.” (That water made you more thirsty because it was acidic.) If you insist on accuracy, litmus paper designed for liquids will verify that your taste test was correct.


How to perform the taste test.

Measure out, in two separate glass cups, 8oz of filtered water. Designate one glass as the control (nothing added), and one to have the ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops added to it.  Now add 5 drops of ConcenTrace Trace Minerals to one glass and stir. It is fine if you added one or two more than five drops. First, taste the glass of water that had no minerals added, your control glass. The water should feel dry and possibly rough to the tongue. Next taste the water that you added minerals to. It should feel wet, soft and smooth on the tongue. You will feel hydrated after drinking it. This is true alkaline water.


What is the difference?

The difference that causes these subtleties between the two water samples is chemistry. Basically, the alkaline forming water is not bonding with your own stored minerals and is instead giving hydration and nourishment to your cells. (Remember that mitochondria prefer trace minerals for energy.)  Acidic water robs water from your body and forces your body to release your own stored minerals and water to buffer the acid increase. You’ve probably noticed this after drinking specific bottled water brands that will leave you feeling more thirsty than hydrated. Drinking unfiltered city tap water will make you feel more thirsty for drinking it, if you can get passed the pool water smell.


Do you have spring or well water?

If your water is coming straight from the ground, you have perfect alkaline drinking water. One of the easiest sources to absorb minerals from is water. Originally, we drew our water from a well or a spring. The water from these sources is rolling over rocks and soil, binding with minerals, bacteria, and life giving nutrients before it is drank by you. Because our lifestyle choices have changed to living in small dwelling spaces among many other people away from raw nature, it has driven our water source to change into one that requires a treatment process to allow long storage and vast distribution. I was blessed as a child to have this underground spring as my water source, but now rely on treated water.


For the rest of us, like myself, that rely on drinking water from a city municipality water treatment plant, it is best to filter the water before drinking. Adding trace mineral drops will replenish some of the minerals lost during processing.


Keeping track of how much water you’re drinking during the day.

You’ll gravitate to a way that you find easiest to keep track of your water intake. Tally marks on a board, marking in a bullet journal, using an app on your phone are some options. I use either of these two methods, based upon drinking 3L of water per day.

Method 1: Choose three 1L glass jars and fill them at the beginning of the day with water. You can flavor this water with lemon, mint, basil, or any other preference you may have. Store these jars in the refrigerator. Drink one before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before dinner. It makes drinking enough water during the day practical, and almost thought free.

Method 2: This way is more transportable, choose a 1L glass jar to store your water in. Each time you drink all of the water, put a tally mark on it. Three tally marks equals 3L of water.



How much water should I drink?

It is suggested to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. If you weigh 160 lbs., divide that by 2 and you should be drinking 80 oz. of alkaline water. This is 10 cups of water and roughly 2.5L, so round up to three for simplicity sake.

You will notice more frequent bathroom breaks needed when increasing your water intake. This will balance out as the habit becomes long lasting. An easy analogy for why this happens is the comparison of your cells to the re-hydration of a raisin.

If you placed a raisin in a dish and put a tablespoon of water on it, the raisin wouldn’t absorb much water, there would be noticeable waste. (Thinking of yourself when you first start your water increase, and you have to go to the bathroom a lot.) But if you continue to give this raisin a tablespoon of water regularly, at some point the cells will have softened enough that they can take on more and more water. Making the raisin plump and hydrated. (This is similar in your own body’s cells, as they are exposed to water more frequently they are able to open up, absorb, and hold more water. Your skin will also look more soft, subtle, and hydrated.)



I bet you’re thirsty now, after reading about the importance of alkaline water. Drinking clean water is life giving. It is important to our daily health that we hydrate and nourish our cells to promote and support good health. Adding trace mineral drops to your drinking water is a simple step to ensure you have done both, hydration and mineral intake. For more information about the importance of the alkaline diet, next read, “Scientific Proof that the Alkaline Diet Promotes Good Health.” (4)

Cheers to Your Health,


p.s. Don’t forget your pet’s, a study supported they need clean alkaline drinking water too! (5)




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