Why I Love the Alkaline Diet, Complete Protein Salad


The alkaline diet, can seem extreme at first observation. I had a moment of, “No way will I do that! I love cupcakes too much.” Thankfully I’ve since learned that you can have cupcakes, if kept in balance with the rest of your diet.

Then there are the other questions;

“What is so wrong with tropical fruit? It’s good for you!”

“What’s so wrong with eating meat? How will I get protein?”

“Just what the heck am I supposed to eat now, cardboard?!”

I can remember one particular hissy-fit I was throwing at the grocery store. Walking passed all of the sweets behind the bakery counter, saying to myself, can’t have that any more because I’m on a diet,” and I felt very angry. Then I noticed next to me, the tea aisle – shelves jammed packed with all different types of tea. Teas that I had never noticed before because of the sweet alluring smell just opposite of them. I purchase three new-to-me herbal teas, thus my love for herbal tea began.


My reason for “Why Choose the Alkaline Diet?” was originally because I had a list of unwanted symptoms as long as my leg, and this diet held lofty claims of helping me reverse those symptoms. I figured, I’ll give it 3 months and if nothing improves then I’m outta there (because who can live that long without chocolate chip cookies?). It only took a few weeks for me to see that this would be a forever change.


My reason for choosing the alkaline diet has become, “I found myself.” I finally gave myself the opportunity to slow down and truly pay attention to what my body was speaking to me. If you have found this diet lifestyle for any reason, and it is calling your attention, give it a fair chance. You have nothing to loose! You’ll be eating more vegetables, possibly loose a few pounds if needed, and very well may notice an improvement in the complexion of your skin. Not a bad trade for giving a new way of eating a try. This is an article that gives light to the scientific proof that alkaline forming foods are best.


I love the alkaline diet because it has helped me to find a better balance. I had no idea the foods on my plate were connected to other aspects of my life. That is until I quit the fight of allowing more greens in my diet. I dove right in to buckets of delicious avocado topped salads. I know it may seem impossible, but I promise, the more vegetables you eat the more you will love them because these are the foods that we are created to thrive upon. My affectionate nickname for this diet is “The Adam and Eve Diet.” To help you get started; here’s the list of foods that you’ll want the majority of your diet to become, and a 10-day menu in the format of a challenge to help you prove to yourself that eating more greens really is easy to do.


I love the Alkaline Diet because it helped me learn how to love myself.


Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website www.CuringVision.com

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