Eating Kiwifruit Improves Digestive Health


Kiwifruit Digestive Bliss.

Can you remember the first time you ate a kiwifruit? I can. Elementary school lunch time, we were served various tropical fruits for a short time, kiwi was one, and I instantly fell in love.


Tiny Kiwi Backstory.

Funny enough, I have never noticed how calm and balanced kiwifruit make my tummy feel after eating them. Until recently. I noticed that eating kiwifruit actually felt good! A strange and welcome feeling! When you’re so used to everything bothering you when eating, it becomes your normal. The constant bloat becomes a regular. That bloating is not normal, but it becomes your normal.

A recent adventurous food goal highlighted that I needed to focus on the health and balance of bacteria levels of my gut microbiome. I completed a 28-day juice fast, and mentally felt on top of the world after completing it. As I reintegrated solid foods back into my diet, proper bacteria balance for digesting foods became very apparent. Food was not easy to digest, I felt very uncomfortable after each meal. The information that I had been studying about the human gut microbiome held instant value for my health journey.

My digestion is still healing today from the history of specific lifestyle choices that challenged my digestive health. My doctor didn’t give me the specific diagnosis of IBS; but he strongly hinted at it being a possibility when I explained to him, “I can’t eat anything without feeling some sort of discomfort.”


Finding Digestive Health Relief.

Reading more about the digestive health benefits of eating kiwifruit resulted in finding many reasons to add it as a regular part of my diet.

The benefits of eating kiwifruit:

  • Source of high Vitamin C (but you knew that by taste!)
  • Excellent source of Lutein and Vitamin A (think eye health support)
  • Supports breaking down proteins in meat (which can give the kidneys a break)
  • Antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial benefits (which explains the digestive calm)
  • Excellent source of Vitamin K (eating kiwifruit can build strong bones!)
  • Sleep support, heart health support, delicious taste, and so many more.

A pubMed abstract following a group of patients with IBS/C, shows promise for those of us that deal with digestive discomfort on a daily basis. They observed an improvement in digestive health among the group eating two kiwifruit per day for four weeks. Just TWO kiwifruit per DAY; Very simple change to make!


Is Kiwifruit allowed on the Alkaline Diet?

If you are following Phase 1 on the Curing Vision Food Chart to rapidly cleanse your body, plan to have kiwifruit once you are finished with this phase.  When beginning Phase 2, test kiwifruit in your diet choices to see how it supports your digestive health. The best time to eat them will likely be among your first meals of the day, breakfast or mid-morning snack. Choose kiwifruits that are soft and squishy to the touch, these are sweet and ripe. Eat the entire fruit, skin and all, if you don’t mind the fuzzy texture.

If you are new to eating kiwifruit, be aware that they may cause some mouth sensitivity when eating several at one time. If you are allergic to kiwifruit, some symptoms are swollen lips after eating, don’t give up hope. There were specific foods (almonds was one) that I couldn’t eat without an allergic reaction as a result. Now that my health has improved, I can tolerate eating these foods without allergic reaction symptoms.

To use kiwi in a recipe, try the Mint Kiwi Smoothie.


Thoughts on eating kiwifruit.

I can’t explain how calm my tummy feels after eating several green kiwifruit. It is a calmness that goes beyond the relief from constant gurgle. I’m so glad that I finally paid full attention to how the kiwifruit were digesting. I noticed because there was nothing to notice, no gurgling or bloating or feeling like a balloon; it was amazing and also strange. I’m almost not sure what to do without the discomfort, other than share how exciting this small delicious fruit truly is! If you know of a friend suffering with digestive discomfort, please share this post with them. If digestive discomfort is a challenge for you, hopefully eating kiwifruit will help you to experience the same “odd feeling” of no feeling too!

For those of you following the FODMAP diet food list, how does kiwi work for you?


Wishing You the best,


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