How to Make a Castor Oil Liver Pack with Essential Oils. This is a natural solution to help you sleep better, stop waking at 3am, get rid of night sweats, help baby sleep at night, avoid nightmares, and assist liver detoxification.
WHAT IS A CASTOR OIL LIVER PACK?  The castor oil liver pack is a piece of flannel fabric, soaked with
How to Make Alkaline Forming Water
  Alkaline Water. Alkaline forming drinking water is very important to improving and maintaining good health. It is my personal goal to
Why Choose Essential Oils with the Alkaline Diet
  Why Choose Essential Oils, what are they?  Essential oils are naturally in plants, they are volatile aromatic compounds, extracted
How to Effectively Stop the Late Night Munchies on the Alkaline Diet
  The Munchies. You've managed to eat clean healthy food all day, then give a gooey smothering to the end of the
Why I Love the Alkaline Diet, Complete Protein Salad
  How do you get enough protein when only eating vegetables and fruits? This is a really great question, and
How to Use Food to Clean Up Your Body and Detox
  Our bodies are amazing because despite what adventures we put them through, they are always working to maintain a
A Typical Day on the Alkaline Diet
A Typical Day on the Alkaline Diet. This is a bone-structure outline of the alkaline diet lifestyle. By using this