How to Become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and get Frankincense for Free plus 10% off Myrrh Essential oils all Included within One Easy Order: Would You like to start your own doTERRA business? In this post I explain how I began using doTERRA essential oils and became a Wellness Advocate so that you can too!
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Free Frankincense + 10% off Myrrh

December is such a magical month! The celebration of Christ’s birth is something that I grow more excited for each year as my faith in him grows. Being able to use Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils gives me a feeling of peace and extreme importance. I can’t help but have thoughts of how Mary may have used the Frankincense and Myrrh that was given to Jesus as a gift when he was an infant. I always imagine her face smiling gently at her sweet baby she helped bring into this world for our salvation, and what she may have used these gifts for. I think of Mother Mary, Joseph, and Jesus almost every time that I apply frankincense and myrrh, envisioning what life must have been for them as the parents to a king. I wonder how would they have used the gifts he was given at birth, and envision her using them as a salve and applying them to protect his health and physical strength as he grew.

The earthy scents of both frankincense and myrrh give me a sense of calm and one word always comes to mind, home.

 Frankincense and Myrrh smell like home. As a Christian they always take me to a place of feeling closer and at ease, allowing my prayer time with Jesus to having a stronger affect on my spirit.

Ordering Essential Oils.

To begin ordering doTERRA Essential oils and other wellness products, follow  and enter to receive a Free 15 mL Frankincense Essential Oil with purchase of 200pv. After you place your order, I will personally contact you for a follow-up conversation to make sure that you are happy with your order and fully understand how to begin using your essential oils. My job as your Wellness Advocate will be to advocate for you, and guide you as needed with learning more and understanding how to safely use doTERRA essential oils. You will also be allowed to join a secret Facebook group to learn more about the products from doTERRA as well as ask any health and wellness questions you may have related to the Curing Vision website. I can’t wait for you to get started and join!

Ready to Join

Myrrh Essential Oil.

Myrrh essential oil, which is currently on a 10% off sale, has a thick viscous texture and forms crystals when dried. It is a protective essential oil that I use most frequently for occasional nerve sensitivity on my back below my shoulder blade. Years ago during a busy time in life, I was planning two big events; my wedding, and my senior thesis jewelry exhibition. I would soon be graduating with a bachelors of fine arts degree in metalsmithing, then shortly after getting married, and traveling on vacation for our honeymoon. Outside of the country! I had barely left the south eastern area of the United States before this!! It was more responsibility than I had ever been given before and because of environmental exposures and my family health history a small place on my back below my right shoulder blade surfaced that looked similar to a rash and itched occasionally. To make matters worse, I stressed over it because of the upcoming wedding and the idea that my skin needed to be flawless for the special occasion. Any time that I would become stressed about something happening during this time, I would feel an occasional nerve tingling and itch in that area. Over time it has eventually diminished which I give credit towards my lifestyle changes, but every now and then if I am exposed to mold for a period of time and I start to fret over an event I’ll have that same old tingle and itch in the same area below my right shoulder blade.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Do you wonder how to use myrrh essential oil, and where to purchase it from? In this post I explain the benefits of myrrh, and how to purchase it at a 10% discount.

Instead of scratching my back like a black bear on a tree, now I use essential oils that can easily remedy the itch by rubbing onto my skin’s surface castor oil as a carrier oil, then two drops of myrrh essential oil. This makes the occasional itch and tingling stop immediately. If I had these essential oils years ago when this spot initially bothered me that would have saved me a lot of unnecessary worry and frustration, but at least I now have a quick remedy. Coincidentally, using myrrh in this way has always made me wonder, which would Mary have used for Jesus’ diaper rash, myrrh or frankincense? Both would be good options!


Frankincense Essential Oil.

I use frankincense for anything, topical, mental, digestive health. It is considered the king of essential oils and 

when in doubt, use frankincense 

is how I consider it. Meaning if you don’t know which essential oil to use – use frankincense. Frankincense is an essential oil that can be used all three ways, topically, aromatically, and internally. My two favorite places to apply it topically are the back of my neck and crown of my head, this is especially helpful during prayer and meditation. For the entire month of December, the 15mL bottle of frankincense essential oil is free when you order 200pv or more.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Do you wonder how to use frankincense essential oil and where to purchase it from? In this post I explain the benefits and uses of frankincense as well as how to receive it for free with purchase.

Free frankincense was the special promotion that I also received when first joining as a doTERRA member; which made it even sweeter to me and a time that I will always remember. You and I both know that Jesus wasn’t given a nicely packaged glass bottle with the doTERRA label on it of frankincense and myrrh essential oils. However, in a way I feel like he gave that to me because the reason that I began using essential oils is prayer with God leading me to use them. I wasn’t relentlessly asked by a friend that couldn’t take no for an answer, I was searching and looking for answers of how to protect my health and immune system in a symbiotic way with my own body’s system. I wanted a collection of essential oils that I could use to support my health from seasonal threats so that I wouldn’t have a nagging worry in the back of my mind of falling under-the-weather when shopping, traveling to new places, visiting with family and friends, going to work, or going to class at school; especially when everyone else starts passing around the sniffles.


Before I used doTERRA essential oils public get-togethers would spark some serious germaphobic anxiety and I would quarantine myself at home when the seasonal sickness hit it’s peak!


My heart was open to different options, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, herbs, and essential oils. Then my friend shared with me about her son and how he had overcame his breathing struggles by using doTERRA essential oils. She and I had been in communication about making dietary changes and other options to try. When she started using essential oils and then shared with me how powerful they are, I had finally found where God was pointing me.

I read about the doTERRA company and how their oils are sourced. I wanted to make sure that the quality of oils I select would be so that I could take them internally as well as aromatically and topically. I could barely contain my excitement when my first order arrived of the Home Essentials Kit. The kit is exactly what you need for covering all of the essential demands and uses within the home, the name fits perfectly.

The Home Essentials Kit

Save over $155 when you order the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit and get a Free 15mL bottle of Frankincense Essential oil. This sale is valid only during December 2017, click to learn how to order today.

When you purchase this kit and open a wholesale account (much like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership) you receive a 25% discount on all of your purchases plus your initial enrollment fee is included for free. The Home Essentials Kit, $275 includes:

Ordering these essential oils as a kit, rather than ordering each individually, is priced at a $86 discount. When you order this kit during the month of December 2017 you will also receive a free bottle of frankincense essential oil (15mL). By doing this you will save more than $155, that is essentially more than two bottles of frankincense for free. This savings is what drew me into making this my first purchase because I knew that I wanted a small collection of oils capable of handling most all of my health and household needs. I also wanted the larger 15mL bottles so they would last a long while since I had many uses planned for them.

doTERRA Petal Diffuser Essential Oil Blend Recipes

doTERRA Petal Diffuser.

I also love that the doTERRA Home Essentials kit includes the Petal Diffuser, which is a workhorse! It is lightweight, compact, has four different settings, and very easy to use. You only have to occasionally clean it with vinegar and water. I still have my original which is still going strong after almost daily use for three years. That amazes me to think about how durable the Petal Diffuser is. 


How to Order doTERRA Essential Oils. Have you wanted to begin using essential oils from doTERRA but are confused of how to order? I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and can explain how you open an account and place your first order. If you are unsure of what to order, I can also guide you in which essential oils and products will best fit your needs. -
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How to Order from doTERRA.

To open an account with doTERRA and order from them, you do this through a person that is already enrolled with the company. It is a form of network marketing that spreads by word of mouth much like most companies that have a good reputation and offer quality products that people are excited to have. You may open a wholesale account and purchase anything for yourself or to give as gifts to friends and family. Or you may open a Wellness Advocate account, like myself, and purchase anything for yourself or to give as a gifts as well as learn more about the usage of essential oils in a way to teach others and have them open an account and purchase with you. The job of a Wellness Advocate is to share their passion for what doTERRA essential oils and products have done in their life, how they have improved their quality of life, and empower others to do the same. So many people are desperately looking for natural solutions to their health concerns and together we can help to empower each other to take back control and cure our vision of health together. If you would like to join me, please follow this link to begin and I will be in contact with you shortly to offer my assistance anyway needed.

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