Essential oils and supplements are tools that I use each day. These are products, that when used correctly, can help you reach personal health and wellness goals that would have taken either a long time to accomplish or perhaps in some situations been impossible to achieve without.

The information and suggestions you read here of supplements are based upon my own experience of having personally used them. Any supplement that you read about is one that I have personally used and found value in. I have tried countless supplements and will only suggest those that I found to be beneficial and continue to use. Supplements and essential oils can be an overwhelming subject to discuss because there are so many options to try.

My hope for curating a specific list of these essential oils and supplements will free you from the arduous task of having to complete some of the detailed search yourself, saving you extra time and resources.

I have tried several different brands of essential oils before choosing doTERRA. I get it, the MLM model can seem off-putting to a lot of people. I met someone who just about fell over herself trying to get away from saying MLM. I personally had to look up what that meant after purchasing doTERRA essential oils because I was so impressed with the quality, I didn’t initially know that there was an opportunity to also share these oils with other people.

There is a shift happening in how companies sell and market their products, thanks to the success of some that did the MLM model correctly and it seems like nearly every product and company has a referral link and discount code now. It’s just the direction that the shopping experience is shifting towards. Just to let you know, I am not one of those pushy MLM representatives, I am someone that found a good quality of essential oil from a company that happens to also use that model of sales.

To purchase doTERRA essential oils you are referred by someone who already uses them. Which is akin to when you like the clothing item your friend is wearing and ask her where she purchased it. She tells you, and your friend gets a thank you from that company for referring her. I’d use doTERRA essential oils regardless, which is why it took a while of me first trying several different essential oil companies like I mentioned before I decided to regularly purchase from doTERRA. 

Each essential oil from doTERRA is created using steam distillation or expression, and tested to ensure therapeutic grade quality. To purchase doTERRA essential oils, I will be your wellness advocate offering you support and guidance with how to select and use essential oils. You will instantly become part of a community that will encourage and strengthen you.

The plants sourced to make these essential oils come from farmers, harvesters, and distillers from around the world which ensures the various essential oil extracts came from plants that were grown in their optimal growing environment. doTERRA makes a positive difference in the lives of the communities that grow plants for the essential oils through the co-impact sourcing program.

Choosing doTERRA essential oils joins you with a large network that is working together to improve communities in need and improve the lives of all of it’s members, including yourself!

The Benefits and Uses of doTERRA On Guard Protective Essential Oil Blend. Includes when and how to use On Guard plus recipes.