Legal Matters and Disclaimer


In the interest of me not wanting to go through any sort of legal matters; I must say this to you friend…

I am not a medical doctor. I am not a registered dietitian, though currently a bachelor of science nutrition and health student on path to become a registered dietitian. I am not a certified health coach. The statements and information within the Curing Vision website and blog are my opinions.

I am a woman that loves to eat vegetables and fruit, God’s gifts. I enjoy sharing how to easily and affordably incorporate those foods into your diet as well. I have a passion for using essential oils to not only smell fabulous, but also support my body in good health. I joyfully share with you my discoveries for your own personal benefit.

Having experienced poor vision and symptoms of four autoimmune diseases for many years, I have now reversed those symptoms by taking personal responsibility for my own health. We each hold our own keys to better health and should take personal responsibility in educating ourselves on the conditions that we seek treatments for.

Consider me your friend who will talk your head off about food all day long (just ask my friends). I love to share tips and ideas that help me. If you are seeking medical advice, seek the guidance of a medical professional. Do not replace my opinions for that of a licensed health professional.

The information that I share on this website has not been approved by the F.D.A. I do not share this information with the intent of you using it to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

The inspiration for Curing Vision comes from the kindness of my heart and a desire to share with you my own journey of finding answers to my personal health questions so that you may also benefit from what I have discovered. We are curing our vision of health, together.

Glad to have you visiting, friend!


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