Low Sugar Egg and Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are a perfect recipe to satisfy your cookie craving without derailing your healing efforts. Perfect for the Alkaline Diet, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kid-friendly, Clean Eating
Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies           I love a good home made chocolate chip cookie, especially if
No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Almond Bliss Cookie suitable for the Alkaline Diet, Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Wahls Protocol Diet, Vegetarian Diet inspired by Almond Joy Candies with affiliate link for Raw Cacao Powder
Chocolate Dessert with Raw Cacao When I was a child I could eat my weight in the no-bake oatmeal cookies
The Best German Chocolate Cake made with whole food ingredients, low sugar, suitable for the alkaline diet, dairy free, nut free, and high in fiber.
The Best German Chocolate Cake, ever. When I was a little girl, I would spend my afternoons in the kitchen
Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter recipe for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Paleo Diet, AIP Diet. This recipe is quick and easy to make.
When I began making better food choices and transitioned into following the Alkaline Diet principles, candy became a distant memory.