Welcome to the Curing Vision website, created by Jessie L. S. Van Neste. This website is a compilation of nearly a decades worth of personal research into an optimum health lifestyle. Jessie has an unquenchable passion for balanced health and wellness. Curing Vision represents the discoveries that Jessie has made, determined to cure her vision of true wellness. Her passion for this grew from experiences in finding answers to improve her own health condition, which you can read more of on the about page.

Curing Vision is a resource for you to find educational material and products focused in the area of health improvement following the functional medicine modality. The goal of Curing Vision is simple: to help you figure out how, and in this process you will discover why.

The power to heal is within your possession.

The information, products, recipes, or stories you read here were personally created or approved by Jessie. Her hope in making this resource available is to free you from the tedious task of having to complete the search yourself, saving you extra time and resources.

We’re so happy you’re here!

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