Welcome to the Curing Vision website. The genesis of this website began with the simple question, by the author, “Can I use food choice to correct the symptoms of the autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with.”

In that process of seeking the answer to the initial question, what was unexpected is that her actual vision quality began to also improve, without extra effort. Having worn glasses to correct myopia for over 20 years, and then noticing a shift in clarity simply because of changing daily food choices was shocking enough to inspire the forward motion of asking more questions and pushing the barriers on what we have been told is truth. From seeking the definition of what true health is, the website Curing Vision was born as a place to share information and educate others who also seek truth.

This website is a compilation of more than a decades worth, and on-going, of personal research into an optimum health lifestyle. The information brought forth is inspired by an unquenchable desire to explore into the question of,


Curing Vision represents the discoveries that the author, Jessie Van Neste, has made while determined to cure her literal and mental vision of true wellness. Her passion for this grew from experiences in finding answers to improve her own health conditions, which you can read more of on the about page.

Curing Vision is a resource for you to find educational material and products focused in the area of health improvement following the single idea of thinking big picture.

Instead of only focusing on the symptom, we see these symptoms as messages, and challenge ourselves to look at what happened before the symptom arrived. We think of improving health as an upstream analogy. If a stream of water is loosing volume, and continues to decrease in volume; instead of bringing water in from an outside source to fill the stream, you would walk to discover what has blocked the flow of water and correct that blockage. This is the goal of Curing Vision; to help you figure out how, and in this process we will all discover why.

The power to heal is within your possession.

The information, products, recipes, or stories you read here were personally written and curated by Jessie for informational and education purposes. Her prayer in making this resource available, is to save you valuable time and resources by freeing you from the tedious task of having to complete the search solely yourself.

“Curing our Vision of Health Together!”


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