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Embrace Change.

When I first found the Alkaline Diet, it was on the heels of having been following the Candida Diet and then the Paleo Diet in hopes of correcting symptoms associated with four autoimmune diseases. The public library in my town was filled with self-help books that guided me to this discovery. Reflecting back, each lifestyle change that I was making wasn’t an act of not knowing what I was doing, it was an act of searching for answers unknown. That habit is also called the scientific method. “Make an observation. Ask a question. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis. Test the prediction.” [1] Science is the act of always asking questions. This is what science used to be considered before the world tried changing it’s definition; form a hypothesis and then test that with your actions, always willing to admit that the results may not match the expected hypothesis, and realize this experiment will help you advance to a new discovery. We also sometimes call those happy accidents. This idea is what helps change, develop into something positive and worth sharing.

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How I Began Sharing.

In the way we do on Facebook, or at least used to in the early 2000s, I publicly announced among my circle of friends that I was making big changes to my diet. Groups didn’t exist, yet, and for the large part we were still exclusively posting personal pictures and statements of our daily lives. I couldn’t be more excited to try this new hypothesis, the Alkaline Diet, as a way to end the unwanted health symptoms I had been secretly experiencing for nearly my entire life. No one, other than my husband and mother, knew of the daily pain I felt in my knees. Only my husband knew of the rapid deteriorating quality of health I had experienced within the previous two years, including sarcoidosis, mild tricuspid pulmonary regurgitation, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. When I announced I was changing my diet, I was coming from a place of wanting to feel well, again. I figured I wasn’t born with four autoimmune diseases, so surely there was something I had been doing wrong, and my prayers were pointing to food choice. Shockingly, that exciting announcement was met with negativity by several people. I, however, was excited for the new food choice endeavor because my quality of health was extremely poor at the time. I still have yet to fully understand why it makes some people surface such negative thoughts towards a person when they make changes to their food choice patterns. I was given a few, “You’ll make yourself sick,” which was more validation I had done a great job at hiding the diseases I had been suffering with. “You’ll become calcium deficient,” this was on the heels of declaring I was done with factory scale pasteurized cow milk. “You’re making a mistake by not eating ___(insert what ever food you can imagine in this blank)___.” Even a few (I hope) well-meaning health professionals expressed their disbelief when I told them that I was eating more plants and less processed foods. My turning point was when a certain professional told me that sugar doesn’t grow yeast. I truly knew I was on my own, from there.

If I were to make an assumption for why we are met with negativity when making abrupt changes in our own life’s patterns, it is because that is holding a mirror to the fear of change in the person who is behaving negative towards you. You are giving an example of how to change, this possibly enhances how the other person is fearful of change. Many people act aggressively and condescendingly from a base point of fear. Typically, as humans, when we see something we are fearful of, if we don’t at first run away from it, we will belittle and make fun of it. We try to remove the fear by picking it apart and finding self-perceived fault in the new idea to make ourselves feel comfortable. We crave comfort, and when comfort is challenged by a new idea, it is often met with negative response. 

When Given Doubt, Reflect, but Always Press On.

Despite the doubt that was delivered to my new lifestyle choices announcement, I pressed on because it was a fresh adventure and I was under the guidance of prayer to keep me strong. By using prayer, meditation, and a belief that I will be spiritually guided through a physical experience, this allowed me to not fall to doubt. At least not fall too hard. I view these changes as spiritual experiences, and remind myself that doubt and fear are liars. The initial set of lifestyle changes that I made to my own life very closely resembled what is considered a restrictive diet. A restrictive diet can be completed in many ways, restricting coffee and alcohol, restricting from all refined ingredient foods, restricting food intake to remain within a set caloric intake. I chose to restrict foods that I knew were no longer serving my health in a positive way.

Truly. When you remove all of the perceived rules and guidelines of don’t eat this or that.

I was choosing food in a way to improve my quality of health.

That’s not so scary, after-all, right?

I didn’t realize this initially, but I was also removing all exterior distractions to allow myself to exists in a space of growth and healing. Doubt is a quiet poison that can seep into the subtle delicate places of your mind. Even as I type this blog post I am having to talk myself out of the doubt that I should ever publish this post. Let it be known, by reading this, strength and determination to share empowerment skills with others has won.

This diet and lifestyle change that you may be considering, is simply no different than doing life in a different flavor. For me, life gained a lot more color; healthy bacteria, satisfying salt, and a lot less sweetener. What sets this lifestyle change apart, and tends to scare so many others is, now your pattern of choices reflect admitting ownership in your quality of health, opposed to the belief that health relies in the hands of another person and the bottom of a plastic pill bottle. At least that is my experience living in North America. You’re walking on the other side now. Food, exercise, prayer, spiritual nourishment is not of the world who loves to deep fry, coat everything with white sugar, and fill a prescription for each new diet related ailment.

What I Have Learned, thus far…

Along my health journey, I have found great relief from many of the symptoms I am determined to correct, however occasionally some of those decisions would not have lasting power. Thyroid health is delicately balanced with the overall balance of your body. It functions as a balancing organ. Vision health is so intricately intertwined with my own stress response patterns that I can notice fluctuations in my vision quality daily, sometimes within the day, depending upon my stress levels. With these perceived set-backs, I could choose to insert the self-doubt eagerly waiting in the sidelines to tell me that I am delusional and doing everything wrong. Or I could take these as learning lessons, and apply them to the data base of knowledge I am collecting.

My greatest discovery, today, is that staying in a state of anxious thought processing can not be won by eating a certain way or with taking a supplement, it must come from within. There are no amount of stress-relieving antidotes that will help me realize my thought patterns are the root contribution to anxious habits.

For me, anxiety has become a coping mechanism developed as a young child being reared in an aggressive, many times violent, and unpredictable environment. Depression and anxiety were modeled by close family members as examples of how to live your life. I chose to ignore depression, because to me, what happened will be; but not until this year, when the anxious stress of the world events and watching family members battle incredible health battles did I realize how anxious thought patterns rule my daily choices. There have been, and will always be, plenty of life experiences leading to this thought pattern choice; but ultimately it is within my power to change my thought patterns. I recognize now that there is no amount of stress and anxiety that will help me reach the results that I seek. The worry robs me of peace that could be experienced in staying present minded. At nearly any given moment, when we stop to reflect on our current surroundings, there is nothing causing stress. Take now for example, I am typing on a computer. That is not stressful. What is giving me stress is the thoughts of the tasks that I still have to complete the rest of the day. Will stressing over them complete them any more efficiently? Never. In fact, the days that I allow stress to mount are they days that I mindlessly scan my social media accounts as a coping mechanism, which only intensifies the anxiety because I’m not facing what needs to be done. I am only robbing myself of a positive mindset by staying in the forward thinking motion, rather than being here, in the present moment.

Finding Your Success.

I am not, nor are you, bound to what others believe about us. This is the point when we have nothing left but to be in the present, to stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. When everyone is telling you, “you’re wrong,” so long as your choices are not causing direct harm, be present in your beliefs that you are making the best choice for yourself in that moment of time. To me, it seems pretty harmless to eat a better quality of food.

My best coping mechanism to work though adversity is to turn to my faith and trust in the Lord to guide. To allow myself to feel peace in knowing that what will be will be, and I only have to be aware in this moment of time now. I have to be willing to allow positive and negative energy to flow freely. The human mind is very limiting. When we can expand beyond, into our spiritual development, we find answers and guidance that is not of this world. This is the true test.

Happy is the man who puts faith in the Lord. -Psalms 40:4

It is very possible you have read countless blog posts of success and triumph over a variety of health concerns. Especially so if you have been combing through the autoimmune disease self-help section of your public library and browsing Pinterest. There are several success stories on the Curing Vision website that I have authored as well as another personal favorite website Chris Beat Cancer because of my strong family history of cancer diagnosis’s. The benefit of reading the heartfelt testimonials is that they give motivation to each of us to press on and find our path to better health. We each are uniquely different and must always be on the quest of our own answers. True health is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it can be thought of as a one-size-fits-most because we are all human, but we each have our own unique nuances that make this experience all the more exciting. I see one angle, you see another, and together we have a more complete picture.

Use your common sense of judgement, and move forward.

I have yet to meet a single human being that has all of the correct answers. And if they claim they do, they’re doing everyone listening a disservice to believe perfectionism exists. No one has all of the answers. This is why we must never give up, and always seek truth and understanding. This habit carries you through, to the answers that you seek. Seek, ask, and you shall find.

You and I are not the same person we were ten years ago, and we will not be the same ten years from now. Embrace change. Be willing to admit you had the wrong assumption. Celebrate when you are correct. Be joyful in your accomplishments. Be read to say, “I’m sorry.” I am sorry does not always mean you are wrong, they simply mean you value peace and understanding more than you do being right. If we all had the answers to start, this life would be a bit bland. The excitement comes in celebration of the joy hidden next to our discoveries. A simple set of questions I ask myself before starting a new experiment.

  1. Will this bring harm directly to me and others that care for me?
  2. Will I feel joy when I have completed this new hypothesis?
  3. Will I feel disappointment that I never tried?

If the answer is no to number one, yes to number two, and yes to number three; then I begin with a general plan. This helps minimize that pesky feeling of anxiety, the worry of mistake. A general plan is not a restrictive boundary, it merely helps you put the first foot forward. If you need help with planning how to start a more plant-centered diet, I put together this 10-day meal plan. It is not meant to replace anything that you are currently doing because that abrupt change is often what sets us up for failure. This plan is meant to layer on top, gently encourage new habits to form, and blend in with what you are already doing. However, if you do want an abrupt, 100% change, you can repeat the meals in the food plan to include three per day rather than one per day; or choose any recipe listed on the Curing Vision website or Pinterest page to help you understand how to format food choice into a health focused approach.


Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website




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