Save 25% instantly, Curing Vision benefits of doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil; learn how lemongrass supports mood, digestion, repels insects, and supports cellular health.


Curing Vision benefits of doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil; learn how lemongrass supports mood, digestion, repels insects, and supports cellular health.




Lemongrass, cymbopogon, is a grass that is typically used for it’s culinary and medicinal purposes. It can be used to flavor curries, tea, and many savory dishes. 


Lemongrass essential oil is very affordable and beneficial for cellular health and fighting germs. [1] It has a bright, happy fragrance that smells like fresh lemon scented grass. Lemongrass can be used for household cleaning, aromatic diffusing, internal usage, topical application, and for repelling insects. Undiluted lemongrass essential oil has a mild burning sensation when applied topically so it is best diluted with a carrier oil such as avocado or castor oil





To pick up my mood and help me get the day’s tasks finished I diffuse equal amounts of lemongrass, lime, and lemon essential oils with water in the diffuser. I have nicknamed this my Get-Up-and-Go blend because when I turn on the diffuser it instantly becomes easy to stay focused and finish a task that I had been avoiding for the day.
Lemongrass essential oil can be used internally to support digestive health. It has been studied for it benefits in relieving occasional digestive discomfort. [2] In times of occasional aftermeal bloating, using lemongrass in a vegetable capsule with hemp oil makes an easy side-effect free digestion remedy.





My new favorite use for lemongrass essential oil is to relieve the mind-maddening itching sensation of tick bites. When I went for a nature walk through a wooded trail along the river I couldn’t resist the lure of sitting next to the river even though the trail did not go near it. It’s hard to say since I took such a big risk by not staying on the trail, but the tick bite fiasco could have been prevented by using a lemongrass essential oil blend in a spray bottle to keep bugs away. [3] Luckily I did have lavender essential oil in my bag to help with removing the ticks until I could get home to fully remove them.





One way that I learn about the benefits of essential oils is from the online PubMed resources which I have saved in a Pinterest folder. I love to read about the various scientific studies professing the benefits of using essential oils to support balanced health. Another wonderful source is the doTERRA website, which provides sources of research in an easy to read format.


When looking for general essential oil research in book form, I use my copy of The Essential Life. This is a one stop, nearly everything you need to know, book about essential oils. It is complete with multiple scientific research studies cited, usage instructions, and recipes.


For the emotional application of essential oils I reference The Essential Guide to OilsThe author explains how essential oils can support you emotionally and which can give you a renewed zest for life and remain focused. She also includes several beauty recipes that are fun to make.





I use doTERRA essential oils because of their high quality. I can rest knowing that pure essential oils are in my bottle when I order. If it is an essential oil that is suitable for internal usage, I know that I will be safe ingesting the oil because of their purity. Each bottle of doTERRA essential oil comes with a batch number that you can enter on the Source to You website to see the compound levels of the essential oil from that batch.



There are two ways to purchase doTERRA, and one way not to. Do not purchase doTERRA essential oils from Amazon vendors, these are not guaranteed pure quality. You can purchase essential oils at retail cost through a distributor like myself without opening a membership, but I do not suggest that because you will be paying more for the products and missing out on savings opportunities for free products.


The best way to purchase doTERRA essential oils is to open a Wholesale Customer membership to instantly receive a 25% discount on all purchases. This membership cost is $35 USD, but this is included for free with the enrollment kits. I purchased the Home Essentials Kit to begin my doTERRA membership.


Once you begin using essential oils on a regular basis I can show you how to save even more on your purchases by utilizing the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). You essentially are rewarded for improving your quality of health!


When you begin your doTERRA account you will receive a welcome email letter from me and an invitation to be added to our private Facebook group and community of like-minded individuals that enjoy using essential oils to support their best quality of health; plus a welcome phone call with me to talk about your health goals and the essential oils you ordered! I look forward to getting to know you!
Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website





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