Self Worth Motivational Quote: Be You. It is all that you know how to be.

Being Your Best.

It’s been nicknamed bio-hacking by some, I just call it encouraging myself to be the best version of me. Instead of selling myself short and accepting a bunch of aches and pains that I don’t identify with, I want to see how strong and nutritionally fit I can become. When I initially set this as my goal, I figured I didn’t have much to loose since I wasn’t satisfied with my current state of health, so why not try something new.

Each day is another step in the journey of life and the lessons it holds for us to learn. I had to realize that something which took me 31 years to create was not going to be reset within 31 days. I feel like I’m figuratively reprogramming my body, establishing new habits, and learning how to give unending grace + understanding to myself when determination starts to near the empty mark.


Breaking the Mold.

So far, this is what I have learned works best for me in the quest to improve my quality of health and wellness. We’re each unique individuals, what works for me may or may not work for you. Also, since I’m not a doctor, I’m not legally able to treat, cure, or diagnose. I’m simply a friend sharing what works for her to anyone that likes to read a story.

Initially I approached diet and exercise with a want to be skinny ideology. Then as time progressed and while educating myself of various health topics, including symptoms associated with mold exposure, my focus changed to health improvement after long term antibiotic use and mold exposure.

I discovered that the core reason for not feeling my best had been connected to the overuse of antibiotics and long term mold exposure from the homes I had lived in. [1] [2] Now, I take every step towards better health with the foundation of how to improve gut health and remove mold from the body.

Given my health history, medical treatment plans, and known environmental exposures; I use this as a basis for how I select foods, supplements, essential oils, and other treatments to support my wellness and quality of health. [3]


The Basics of What I Do.

I joke that when I first began in late 2012, I held in mind letting go of the need of a daily single prescription pill. At the time, it seemed like such a hassle to remember to take this pill once per day. What I didn’t know at the time is that to do this change, I would replace that single dose with multiple tools for building my strength that would far out number the single daily dosage I was once using. I have chosen to invest in my health and wellness so that I have the strength to make decisions in life as I desire them. I didn’t want to live a life feeling limited by my strength while knowing it was a matter of choice rather than physical limitations.

To know which supplements and essential oils are best for your individual needs is challenging because nutritional needs testing is costly and not always available. Intuitively, you will know what your needs are – think to food cravings for certain vegetables or meats. Navigating this path for myself inspired my decision to return to university and study Nutrition and Dietetics for becoming a Registered Dietitian, so that I can properly give nutritional advice and guidance to others.

The experiences and knowledge that I have gained in my self journey can be simplified into six easy to follow steps. I don’t like to over complicate my diet or health care choices because I am limited by how much time I can spend doing this. To compensate for limitations on time, I take a hit the high points approach so that I won’t become over whelmed with unnecessary details tempting me to quit. The way I feel now feels too good to ever go back to the old ways and habits. This is how I simplify my daily actions to reach a simple goal of feeling better each day.


You want to follow the Alkaline Diet but aren't sure how, in this blog post I explain the basics of how I follow the Alkaline Diet, plus and easy to understand infographic of the six guideline principles making it easy to stick with the diet.
Curing Vision’s Six Easy to Follow Alkaline Diet Guideline Principles,


Curing Vision Foods.

The types of foods that I eat can be found on the Curing Vision Food Chart. One of my favorite meals is a simple Avocado Hemp Salad, because it is simple and complete. The Alkaline Diet is fairly uncomplicated to follow if you are willing to let go of old food choice habits. Learn how by reading A Typical Day on the Alkaline Diet

Avocado Hemp Salad for Alkaline Diet, Paleo Diet, AI Paleo Diet, Wahls Protocol, or Raw Vegan Diet



I have yet to detail which supplements I use daily because that has is a progressive list. There are several supplements that I purchase continually because they have helped me to reach health goals easily. The majority of supplements that I use are in a pure natural form and support digestive health in some way. In my personal health journey I feel confident in what I have learned thus far and would like to share the list of supplements, herbs, and essential oils that I use. These are links for the sole, Betatine HCl, and Ox Bile that I use almost daily to support my digestive system.


Do you have digestive health troubles, occasional bloating and slow motility, these digestive health supplements may help soothe and calm your upset tummy.
Digestive Health Supplements


Essential Oils.

I use essential oils each day with the purpose to support my cellular, digestive, and emotional well being. My goal for the day is to use one citrus oil to support lymphatic health, one calming oil to support nervous system health, one mint oil to support digestive health, and one wood oil to support spiritual and emotional health. Each of these types of essential oils are included in the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit.


doTERRA Home Essentials Kit contains the To 10 most frequently used essential oils to support health and wellness for your body and home. Click to learn how to use these oils and how to order with a 25% discount.

It can be challenging to navigate which essential oils and supplements are best. In an effort to share with you what I do, in hopes that it will help you gain a better idea of your own goal solution, I give a detailed list of my most used products to support digestive and health wellness.

Trust & Repeat.

The process of self discovery and working towards a better version of yourself is a life long process. I can remember beginning my diet changes and thinking, “When I finish this, I will be ____.” That was until I realized there is no finish line, because this is a lifelong journey that won’t finish even when Jesus calls me home.

The positive side of this truth means you can take your time, set a pace that will keep you from burning out from exhaustion. If you have ever began a diet change with fierceness that impressed yourself, only to stop two weeks in because life took over, this is the burnout that I am referencing. Don’t settle in this stopping place and lie to yourself that you’re a failure because you didn’t complete it. You’re still traveling, friend. Keep going, tomorrow is a new day.

The six steps that I outlined above are easy because you don’t have to follow them with perfection. These are the basics of supporting a better quality of health and wellness, it’s a hit the high points approach.

Sure, a healthful lifestyle with perfection is nice, but honestly who can uphold that for a long period of time without emotionally cracking? There were only so many days of thinking about pizza that I could take before I realized I was much more miserable not eating pizza than I would ever be by denying it. Eat the darned pizza, and be kind to yourself! If you only do one health centered task for the day, that is good, keep going, tomorrow you can try two things.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and what you think of the six easy to follow Alkaline Diet guideline principles. Plus, I really hope you are ready to give essential oils a try, they are truly life changing. Always remember; be you, because that’s the best you can do.





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