The alkaline diet is designed to help you easily choose foods that will assist your body to stay balanced. This is necessary because the human body has a specific pH value for it’s different parts and functions. Your body works diligently to maintain the pH value for blood within the narrow range of 7.35-7.45. (1) We all feel better when eating healthful foods; the alkaline diet outlines the types of foods that will help your body stay in balance.

The Alkaline Diet takes the guesswork out of food choice for you, it’s that simple.

The principle guidelines of the alkaline diet:

  1. Eat leafy greens.
  2. Eat vegetables.
  3. Eat low-sugar fruits.
  4. Eat high sugar fruits as dessert.
  5. Drink alkaline water.
  6. Eat minimal amounts of dairy.
  7. Eat minimal amounts of meat.
  8. Only eat certain beans.
  9. Only eat certain grains.
  10. Eat seeds.
  11. Eat nuts.
  12. Don’t eat highly processed, refined foods.

Follow this link for a more detailed list of foods.


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