Why Do Alkaline Diet Food Charts Contradict Each Other?


Congratulations on finding your way to the alkaline diet lifestyle, you’ve done ample research and are ready to start making changes; but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is this…

I see food charts that contradict each other. This chart says a food is acid forming and this other chart says it is alkaline forming. I don’t know which is right.

The best tip from my perspective is try to not make it perfect and fuss over the tiny details. Focus on eating the basic alkaline forming veggies as the core of your diet; greens and low sugar fruits. This will still give you a large collection of foods to build your diet upon.

If you are wanting a chart of foods that have been scientifically proven without doubt that they are alkaline or acid forming, it doesn’t exist, at least not yet to my knowledge. Until that food chart is developed, we do have research that supports the need for an alkaline diet.

That is why you see lists that contradict each other. However, this is why it’s fine that definitive list doesn’t exist. Take a step back and look at the general guidelines of the alkaline diet.


Your Alkaline Diet goals…

  1. Eat a variety of vegetables.
  2. Eat green leafy plants and fresh herbs.
  3. Eat low sugar fruits.
  4. Eat tropical fruits as you would a dessert.
  5. Drink adequate amounts of clean water.
  6. Enjoy exercise.
  7. Use skin care and household products that are nature based.
  8. Get back to the basics and simple things in life.
  9. Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and outdoors.
  10. Laugh and love more.

How can you argue with that? Adding more of any of these things into your life is good. We innately know this and just need occasionally reminding.

If you find a food that is contradicted on different lists and you would like to keep eating it – decide for yourself if you should keep it by using the elimination method.

The Elimination Method.

The elimination method is omitting a regularly eaten food from your diet for a period of time, two weeks or longer. Then add this food back to your diet, paying attention to how your body responds to it. This will help you decide whether or not it is a food that you would like to continue eating.

As a starting point with the alkaline diet, use the Curing Vision Alkaline Diet Food Chart. It is a customizable list because space has been left for you to add a food which is your personal favorite that is not listed on the chart. 


Be Kind to Yourself.

As you form your personal food list of keep vs. toss, avoid obsessing over it from a perfection standpoint. If you swear off of a food, then end up eating it, it may trigger you to feel like you’ve failed. Sometimes we’re our own worst critics; be forgiving and kind to yourself during this journey because this can allow for greater success. Our emotional relationship with food is just as important the food choice, and positivity is always best.

To read about organic produce and how it relates to the alkaline diet lifestyle, click for Should I Only Eat 100% Organic Produce.


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