The Reason for Developing Curing Vision.

The Curing Vision website is a heartfelt project. Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, quietly affecting many of us who look healthy on the outside but are crumbling on the inside. My health condition was once very imbalanced, making each day a challenge. I believed that at the core I was genuinely well, but my body was keeping me from living the quality of life that I desired, and I didn’t understand why.


Finding My Motivation.

It was during the process of discovering if it is possible to correct or reverse autoimmune disease symptoms for myself, that my actual vision began improving along side this quest without any extra effort. Given that I had been wearing corrective lenses for over 20 years for myopia (nearsightedness), it was an exciting discovery! My focus began to broaden into a new idea beyond exercise and eat healthy, what are the limits of true health, and can we as a collective cure our vision of what health truly is. Is the idea that dis-ease are permanent conditions, true? Publicly sharing what I have learned has become my passion and motivation to share personal details of my own health journey. I tend to favor being a quiet and shy-introverted person, so the idea of sharing personal details on a public platform can be quite terrifying. However, I see that the reason I had been in poor health and confused is God placing me in a position to use it as a learning opportunity about myself and how to help others.


My Health History.

By the age of twenty-nine, I had amassed the collection of four autoimmune disease diagnosis’. Starting at the beginning, at the age of four I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had daily knee joint pain that continued from that point and progressed to include the joints of my hands and feet over a period of twenty-five years. I sought the guidance of many qualified individuals: family doctors, orthopaedic doctors, and physical therapists. They each gave me caring advice for relief. Unfortunately, despite the suggestion of pain relievers and exercise the pain did not subside.  

At the age of twenty-six I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the skin, with several granuloma patches that formed on my legs below the knees. Soon after this diagnosis, I was also diagnosed with Mild Tricuspid Pulmonary Regurgitation, and was rechecked for complications of the Sarcoidosis connected with my heart and lung function – thankfully they appeared clear of granulomas. However, my heart continued to have an occasional irregular heartbeat.

By the age of twenty-nine, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I say finally because we had been following the function of my thyroid with blood panels for several years. A rapid fluctuation in my weight and family history was alerting my doctor that there may be an issue with the health of my thyroid and medication was started. I continued to live with symptoms of these four autoimmune diseases for two more years, to the age of thirty-one.

During the years of autoimmune dis-ease progression throughout my life, I ate a typical standard American diet. Lots of refined sugar, food dye decorated packaged foods, factory-farmed meats, pasteurized factory-farmed dairy, and non-organic grains. For a time, if it didn’t come from a prepared foods box, can, or bag, I didn’t eat it. I have very few memories of ever eating fresh salads or fresh fruit as a consistent contribution to my diet. I did exercise, but my goal with that was to out-exercise a bad diet and stay skinny. I followed the rule of “calories in, calories out” and didn’t give much thought to the importance of what the constituents of those calories were. If I happened to develop an infection or illness, antibiotics were my first preference for treatment. I used birth control for six years for supposed relief from difficult symptoms associated with my monthly cycle. I was certainly less than polite to myself about my outer image. I wouldn’t say that I was reckless with the way that I treated my body, but I didn’t treat it with the respect that it deserved. I thought I could just do what I want, and my body would keep up with me.


The Moment of Change.

At the age of thirty-one, the symptoms I was experiencing were leaving me tired and not feeling well each day. In a desperate plea for my body to “just leave me alone and function,” I decided to try something I had never tried before. I asked God to guide me for a solution to my poor health.

Until that point, I had done everything that was suggested to me by qualified professionals who cared about seeing me well. However, the one place I had never looked was prayer. I stopped looking outward to other people for answers, I instead looked inward to myself and to God as guidance for answers. I began praying without ceasing. I finally realized that God had been there that entire time – giving clues that I could conquer this. It was my time in prayer that quickly led to the necessity of changing my diet. If I ever wanted to feel normal, I had to stop eating for instant gratification. I had to begin eating to nourish not just my body, but also my spirit.


How I am Today.

It has been several years since that initial starting point of change. I’m happy to say that many of the unwanted symptoms I dealt with daily have since resolved. No more knee, hand, and foot pain; it’s honestly been long enough that I have been able to forget that arthritis and OTC pain relievers were a daily habit. No more fear of, “how can I continue living this way with so much pain.” No more imbalanced worry of why my body is not working. This resolution is all because of the prayerful guidance I received from God, and making choices that support me into good health. I finally feel free.

My vision has improved from -3.75 diopters to an approximate between -2.00 and -1.75 diopters. The fluctuation is because our vision is always changing, you can notice this yourself based upon activities that you do. Some days I don’t use glasses to go throughout the day, other days I use them to help me. I no longer use the phrases “I can’t see,” “I’m so blind,” and any other negative self-talk. I think positivity over myself.

The patches of sarcoidosis and tissue inflammation on my legs doesn’t appear anymore. I credit this change with the association of having lived in homes with mold damage. Once I focused on no longer living in a mold damaged building, and avoiding entering mold damaged buildings as much as possible, the sarcoidosis patches on my skin subsided. I made this correlation discovery by reading a published article noting an apparent correlation between mold and sarcoidosis.

The heart condition I was diagnosed with is no longer an issue. I no longer experience extreme fluttering that would cause me to loose my breath. The only time my heart beats at a faster pace is now when it would be expected; running or during a feeling of excitement. This shift happened naturally as I worked towards a better quality of overall health.

My thyroid health is still improving and has led to the discovery of just how important it is to consume adequate amounts of magnesium, iodine, selenium, B-vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, sea salt, and other crucial nutrients for optimum thyroid health. Never addressing the levels of stress that my mind would escalate to was a pivotal turning point in my health. I could finally see that stressful thoughts served no purpose and were a top contribution to the negative health symptoms I was experiencing.

The website PubMed has been a blessing of a resource to learn more about the scientific reasons for how certain nutrients affect our bodies, and consequently how the deficiencies interact with our cells. Reading the extensive collection of literature written by Dr. Brownstein to use as self-education for how to create balanced thyroid health has been beneficial. As well as other great health books written to enrich your own health journey.


Moving Forward.

My biggest wish is to help those that also face challenges of dis-ease symptoms, and constantly push the boundary of what we accept as permanent. I hope to be a support to others in making better choices about the lifestyle choices they make. There are specific foods that can help you to feel your best, it isn’t about restriction anymore. It is important to love yourself and speak kindly to yourself. Keeping your mind, heart, and spirit in a place of love and positivity are some of the best medicines on Earth. It’s about giving your body exactly what it needs to develop and thrive!

We are our own best healers and God is our best teacher. Together we can piece together this wealth of knowledge in libraries, the internet combined with prayerful intention, and let’s cure our vision of what true health is. To stay in touch, subscribe to the newsletter, give the page a like on Facebook, and Instagram is where I share snips of my daily life and things I’m eager to share with you.