Good morning, breakfast time!

What is an alkaline diet breakfast? The meal that can be the most puzzling when switching to the alkaline diet is often breakfast. A typical breakfast usually includes any of these foods: eggs, yogurt, cereal, bacon, sausage, gravy, grits, biscuits, toast, pastries. Each one of those are acid forming, depending on how you make them. This means for most of us, breakfast needs to completely change.

The easiest alkaline breakfasts. This is a list of 5 Healthy, Simple, and EASY Alkaline Diet Breakfast Options. Each option is full of fiber, water, vitamins, minerals, a healthy amount of fruit sugars; and the best part there is no cooking involved! Each option is alkaline forming, easy to prepare, and energizing which is exactly how anyone would like to start each day.

Caffeine for breakfast? Instead of starting with caffeine, try drinking at least 1L of filtered water with lemon juice when you wake. Next, choose one of these easy breakfast options as your first meal of the day. You may just find that the need for caffeine goes away, or at the least it diminishes. If you still want the morning caffeine boost, go for it. Don’t worry over making your food choices at perfection level. You’ll find your place of balance soon enough. Here’s a recipe for pumpkin spice creamer to go with your coffee, using ingredients that benefit you and your health.

The Alkaline Diet Breakfast Meals List.

  1. Seeded Watermelon. This is the all time best breakfast food. During summer, seeded watermelon makes breakfast time fun and simple. Enjoy it all summer long for breakfast! It is easily digested, full of water, sweet, light, and refreshing. The watermelon can be prepared in advance, making breakfast grab and go if you need.
  2. Grapefruit. This citrus fruit is very alkaline forming and supports a healthy gut. It is full of water, fiber, sweet, tart, and the smell of the essential oil in the peel is so invigorating. Grapefruit are a good fall time breakfast when they are in peak season.
  3. Cantaloupe. This melon is like waking up to a bowl full of dessert. It is a fun way to treat yourself in the morning. Cantaloupe, or Mush Mellon as Granny called it, is loaded with vitamin A. Don’t be afraid to eat the entire melon for breakfast or brunch! Cantaloupe is quickly digested, giving you a quick burst of energy.
  4. Fresh Vegetable Juice. The easiest way to eat lots of vegetables is to drink them. Fiber is important for growing healthy gut bacteria, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a refreshing glass of vegetable juice. Give the quick Peek-a-boo Orange Juice recipe a try. Just wash, prepare, and juice: 5 lbs. carrots, 1-2 lemon partially peeled. This makes approximately 32 oz. of fresh juice, it’s surprisingly filling, and you’ll miss not having it when it becomes a part of your routine it is so life giving. Carrot juice is my favorite to have during winter months, after harvest, and when watermelons are not available.
  5. Green Smoothie. A quick green smoothie is the easiest way to eat healthy when pressed for time. It is simple, and fiber packed filling. Smoothies can be basic, or dress them up with super foods to support brain and hormone health such as organic ashwagandha root powder. Just wash, prepare, and blend until liquid: 3 red swiss chard leaves (stems removed if low speed blender), 1 avocado, 1/4 piece peeled lemon, 1 cup of water. Next, add one heaping cup of frozen mango, finish blending. That’s it! More simple alkaline diet recipes to help you simplify the alkaline diet are included in the 10-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge, available for free.

Simple and easy. These breakfast options are so easy because – no cooking is involved and the learning curve to prepare them is super short! Three involve only a knife to peel and chop. The other two just need the addition of your favorite blender, or juicer, mine being the Omega J8006.

Enjoy your morning. Hopefully you are able to take your time waking your body in the morning. Jolting out of bed, rushing to dress, tossing food down the hatch, it’s not the best way to start the day. Beginning gradually, stretching, drinking a glass of water, reading scripture; this helps you to set a calm intention for your day. However, if you are pressed for time, each meal on this list of alkaline diet breakfast options can be chopped and prepped the night before. For the juice and smoothie, just wash, chop, and store in a lidded glass dish. Then finish preparing them in the morning.

Much Love, Jessie from the Curing Vision Website www.CuringVision.com


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