Curing Vision 10-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge
Curing Vision 10-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge

This is the meal plan challenge that I wish would have been handed to me when I began the Alkaline Diet.  I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.  The Curing Vision Alkaline Diet Meal Plan includes directions for how to use the plan, meal recipes, food preparation tips, and shopping list.

Why Challenge?

This challenge is meant to guide you on how to transition your diet to following the alkaline diet principles by following a simple principle – adding in. This is not a meal plan that focuses on what foods to cut out, it is not a deprivation plan. It doesn’t feel like a challenge that you have to white knuckle through cravings, because this is a challenge that focuses only on the positive. The challenge is to add in alkaline forming foods, and do this while being kind and patient with yourself as you learn a new way of nourishing your body.

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The Meal Plan.

Each day your goal is to eat one alkaline forming meal. One, that is all. You can do anything for just ten days, and you can definitely eat specific foods in one meal for these ten days. These meals are not complicated. You definitely won’t have to scour the shelves of a novelty store to find the ingredients. In fact, if you have already started your journey on a plant-based diet then many of the ingredients on this challenge are probably already in your home.

The recipes are easy, they repeat for three days. This is to avoid a steep learning curve, and repetition makes habit. Our goal is to establish the habit of choosing alkaline forming foods first. 

GUIDELINES for the Meal Plan.

There are no foods to omit. No odd numbers to count. You don’t have to give up your morning coffee, or even skip the pastry if that’s what you always start the day with. You need to put in an honest effort to add in one alkaline forming meal per day for a total of ten days.

The challenge doesn’t have to stop at day ten, hopefully you will keep going. Print a copy of the Curing Vision Alkaline Diet Food Chart, familiarize yourself with alkaline diet foods while you’re completing the challenge. This will help for a seamless transition into positive changes.

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