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Springtime Foraging for Wild Edible Greens salad with Hemp Dressing: Wondering how to make use of foraged wild edible greens in a delicious salad? This spring, why not try harvesting your own salad by trying wild dandelion greens and chickweed as a salad topping. Recipe suitable for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Paleo Diet, AIP Diet, Vegan Diet, Whole 30

Foraged Wild Edible Salad Greens with Hemp Heart Dressing

In the springtime wild greens are fresh and tender, making them one of the best salad additions. These greens have been unaltered by man and are typically more nutritionally dense by containing more minerals and vitamins than hybrid vegetables.(1) I wandered into the idea of eating wild greens when my summer garden was nothing but…

Curing Vision Celery Fennel Green Juice: Digestion feeling sluggish? This juice is made with ingredients that support better digestion. Quick to make celery juice for good daily health and can be used as a juice fast recipe. #celeryjuice #medicalmedium #greenjuice #alkalinediet #juicecleanse #juicefast #juice #freshjuice #digestion #digestivehealth

Fresh Digestive Cleansing Celery Fennel Green Juice

Drinking Fresh Celery Juice One celery juice combination that I have come to really enjoy is adding in lemon, ginger root, and fennel with the celery. All four of these ingredients are bright and refreshing in taste as well as supportive for digestive health. I love the mild heat that the ginger root adds, and appreciate its antifungal…

Looking for an easy and fun way to eat more vegetables and fruit? These freezer pops are made with fresh vegetable juice from carrots and beets with a splash of fresh pineapple juice to perfectly sweeten it. These freezer pops are great for any time, especially when you would like to train taste buds to accept more whole vegetables and fruits for a balanced plant-based diet. #freezerpops #alkalinediet #kidmeals #funfood #freshjuice #carrotjuice #beetjuice #pineapplejuice #curingvision #wholefoods #whole30 #wahlsprotocol #paleo #summertreat

Real Vegetable Juice Freezer Pops for Kids

I have titled this recipe for kids because the initial goal was to help a healthy-mama out by providing ideas to get fresh vegetables in her baby’s diet. In general, kids like freezer pops. They’re a fun treat! As I began planning the blog post, I quickly realized this recipe is good for adults as…

How to Use Lavender Essential oil and order from doTERRA with a 25% discount. There are many benefits to using lavender essential oil from soothing skin, restful sleep, cellular health support, and insect bite relief.

Soothing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

MULTIPLE BENEFITS OF LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL. Lavender essential oil was the first oil that drew me in to using essential oils. I wanted to start making homemade laundry soap because I was having skin reactions to the popular brand soap I had been using. I experienced quick relief by simply swapping out one product for…

Save 25% instantly, Curing Vision benefits of doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil; learn how lemongrass supports mood, digestion, repels insects, and supports cellular health.

Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

    WHAT IS LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL?   Lemongrass, cymbopogon, is a grass that is typically used for it’s culinary and medicinal purposes. It can be used to flavor curries, tea, and many savory dishes.    Lemongrass essential oil is very affordable and beneficial for cellular health and fighting germs. [1] It has a bright, happy…

How to Open a Pomegranate, the Health Benefits, and Dessert Recipes: One of the most iconic fall time foods has quickly became the pomegranate. Knowing how to open this delicious fruit proves to be an interesting experiement. In this blog post I discuss how I personally overcame a dislike for this heart healthy fruit, how to open it, how the juice holds the potential to change food safety, and a few tasty dessert recipes if you can resist eating the seeds long enough to prepare them. #pomegranate #pomegranatejuice #alkalinediet #vegan #hearthealth #pomwonderful #cleaneating #registereddietitian #seasonalfruit #guthealth #microbiome #wahlsprotocol #paleodiet

How to Eat a Pomegranate with Recipe

My Pomegranate Experience I’d like to tell you a story about my experience with pomegranates. When I first discovered them, it was during my third year of university and my roommate energetically brought one into the dorm to share with her roommates. She was so excited to finally find a fruit that she had been…

Thought Cleansing Essential Oil Diffuser Blend: Use this doTERRA essential oil blend when you are loosing focus in the day and need to alleviate foggy thoughts to clear thoughts. Purchase doTERRA essential oils with a 25% discount. #brainfog #clearthoughts #doterra

Thought Cleansing Essential Oil Blend

Thought Cleansing Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 4 drops fennel 4 drops spearmint 4 drops peppermint If you are like most of us, you are juggling many tasks and often these tasks can leave you feeling scatter brained. You may be taking care of your family, and as the leader of the family it is your…

What are Hot Essential Oils? Click to learn about what hot essential oils are and how to use them best, and how to purchase doTERRA essential oils with a 25% discount.

What are Hot Essential Oils?

What are Hot Essential Oils?   Essential oils that have been given the term “hot oils” aren’t temperature hot, the term is referring to how these oils interact with your skin when applied. They can give a burning sensation, similar to how your mouth feels when you have ate a spicy meal. In general it…