Salad and Bone broth blended meal for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Blended Meals, Tubefed Meals, Paleo Autoimmune, Gut Healing, Bone Broth Diet
Savory Raw Vegetable Bone Broth Blender Soup
Salad and Bone Broth Blender Soup. This recipe idea came as a suggestion from my friend in the Alkaline Diet Support group
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Alkaline Diet Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipe
Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie
If there were ever a blended fruit drink that could boldly carry the title of “Happy Drink,” it would be this
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Alkaline Diet Banana Milk Recipe
Alkaline Banana Milk
    Alkaline Banana Milk recipe by Jessie L. S. Van Neste serves 1 This recipe is a perfect alkaline
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Basil Mint Kiwi Green Smoothie: Are you wanting to include a daily smoothie into your daily meals? This recipe supports your gut microbiome health, is alkaline diet friendly, and with the combined ingredients it is a complete meal for a blended diet.
Basil Mint Kiwi Green Smoothie Recipe | Alkaline Diet Gut Health
Gut Microbiome Green Smoothie  This smoothie is refreshing, lightly sweetened, and contains a hidden herb to boost the mint flavor
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