The foundation of a healthy body is built upon the foods with which it is nourished. The recipes shared here are designed according to the Curing Vision Protocol.

Curing Vision recipes use ingredients that are selected for their nutritional density and health benefits.

When creating your own recipe, select a majority of the ingredients from mildly acid forming up to extremely alkaline forming. Choose ingredients that do not readily support mold growth.

As often as possible, incorporate food ingredients that are anti-fungal such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemon, coconut, etc. Natural mineral salts are a simple flavor enhancer; some options are unfiltered sea salt, pink Himilayan salt, and Real Salt. Dried stevia leaf is useful for limiting sugar while in a no-sugar phase.

When preparing a dish, if the food ingredient can remain in it’s raw form, leave it that way. Balancing a diet that is up to 80% or more raw foods can promote balanced gut-health.

Listen to your heart and your taste buds when eating foods. Don’t eat something that is healthy because you are using it as punishment for past sins of binge eating junk-food. Love yourself, and feed it lovingly with foods that make you happy.

Many recipes from Curing Vision are developed using ingredients that are commonly found in local grocery stores. The learning curve for these healthful recipes is not steep, making them enjoyable to create. It can be therapeutic for your spirit and soul to spend time preparing a detailed nourishing meal for your body. I hope you enjoy eating the meals you find here, and please tag me on Instagram to see your tasty meals!

Cheers to Your Health!


Pink Sauerkraut
How I Found My Way to Fermented Foods with a Pink Sauerkraut Recipe
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Essential Oil Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer with Clove Essential Oil
  There are probably thousands of jokes and meme’s poking fun at the ridiculousness of how many pumpkin spice products
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Benefits of Raw Lacto-Fermented Vegetables with the Alkaline Diet
Benefits of Raw Lacto-fermented Vegetables for the Alkaline Diet
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Easy Alkaline Diet Lacto-Fermented Homemade Dill Pickle Recipe
Easy Recipe for Homemade Lacto-fermented Dill Pickles
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Alkaline Diet Peek-a-boo Carrot Juice Recipe from
Alkaline Diet Carrot Juice
  Peek-a-boo Orange Juice recipe The recipe is called Peek-a-Boo Orange Juice because the blend of carrot and lemon creates a flavor
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Cleansing Beet, Carrot, and Ginger Roots Alkaline Diet Juice Recipe
Cleansing Carrot & Beet Alkaline Diet Juice
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How to Effectively Stop the Late Night Munchies on the Alkaline Diet
How to Effectively Stop Late Night Munchies
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Soothing Ginger and Turmeric Tea for Late-Night Munchies on the Alkaline Diet
Soothing Ginger Turmeric Tea
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Medicinal Herbs to Support Detoxification on the Alkaline Diet
Medicinal Herbs to Support Natural Detoxification
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Healthy Roots Tea for the Alkaline Diet
Healthy Roots Tea
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