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Alkaline Diet Probiotic Hemp Basil Dip for Flax Crackers, Chopped Veggies, or Salad Dressing

Probiotic Hemp Basil Dip

Hemp heart seeds make an excellent base for blending as a dip, sauce, salad dressing, or smoothie. Hemp hearts also make the quickest and easiest milk. If you are allergic to avocado try hemp as a substitute for the avocado dressing recipes, about 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts with 3-4 tablespoons of water. It is important when…

Alkaline Diet Roasted Chicory Root Coffee Recipe

Can I Drink Coffee on the Alkaline Diet?

    One of the first things people notice on the do not eat list of alkaline diet foods is coffee. And for some, that’s a deal breaker. Don’t let it be, though.   MY COFFEE HISTORY. I gave up coffee for a couple of years because it made me jittery and more tired than energized. This is…

Alkaline Diet Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Sweet Potato - vegan, free of grains, dairy, and eggs.

Sweet Memories & Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

  SWEET MEMORIES. Some of my happiest memories from childhood include peeking over the edge of the kitchen counter, drooling over the sweet baked treat that my Great-aunt or Grandmother were whipping up. They each had their specialities, Nennie baked the most delicious cakes. Granny could whip up a batch of blackberry dumplings that’d bring…

Alkaline Diet Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipe

Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie

If there were ever a blended fruit drink that could boldly carry the title of “Happy Drink,” it would be this one. Blending whole young coconuts and a fully ripe Hachiya persimmon creates a beautifully sweet and creamy drink that your tummy will thank you for.   THE FRUIT. Hachiya persimmon are sweet and taste like pumpkin…

Alkaline Diet Celery Green Juice for improving digestive health, symptoms with IBS, GERD, Wahls Protocol, AIP Paleo, GAPS Diet, Blenderized Diet.

Alkaline Diet Clean Greens Juice Recipe

  Alkaline Diet Celery Greens Juice Recipe. This recipe is great for making accomplishments in your alkaline diet journey by cleansing and rebalancing your inner terrain. When I first began using a juicer, it quickly became a way for me to consume large quantities of vegetables in an easy way. I have always been a bit…

The Best Alkaline Diet Green Juice

Best Alkaline Diet Juice Recipe

GREEN JUICE. You know when you make a green juice and it looks absolutely beautiful, but you put so many green healthies in it that you’re just a bit apprehensive to drink? Yeah, me too. 🙂 However, this juice is green, energizing, tart, and cleansing. You’ll feel like a new person when you drink it.…

Why Choose the Alkaline Diet?

  Of all the diets and eating suggestions out there, why choose the alkaline diet? Do we really need yet another diet making all of these claims for why we should eat according to its guidelines? Yes! We need the Alkaline Diet because it works with your body to keep it balanced.  The alkaline diet is…

Geranium and Lime Essential Oil

Why Use Essential Oils and Supplements?

Essential oils and supplements are a part of my daily regiment. These products have helped me reach personal health and wellness goals that would have taken either a long time to accomplish or perhaps been impossible to achieve without. The information and suggestions of supplements are based upon my own experience of having personally used them. I…


How to Stop Drinking Soda

Soda is a beverage that many enjoy, but it is also a drinking habit that many would like to quit. Breaking this habit is possible, and it can be an enjoyable experience. Soda was always in my life. I drank it with each meal, yes even breakfast some times. Really, is it any different from…

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