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Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter recipe for Alkaline Diet, Wahls Protocol, Paleo Diet, AIP Diet. This recipe is quick and easy to make.

Quick Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter Recipe

When I began making better food choices and transitioned into following the Alkaline Diet principles, candy became a distant memory. That is until my love of dark chocolate could no longer be suppressed. I was more miserable without it than I was with it. It is not the cacao bean that is bad, it’s what we…

Easy Recipe for Low Sugar Berry Syrup and Gluten Free Alkaline Diet Pancakes that are mixed in a blender, have a hidden veggie, and have the texture identical to grains with gluten.

Low Sugar Alkaline Diet Berry Pancake Syrup

When I began the alkaline diet, I really missed having weekend pancakes. What I learned from playing with new ingredients and learning new cooking techniques is that I really love blended fruit as a topping for pancakes. This recipe is perfect for topping your pancakes with something sweet while eating a low sugar diet, helping…

This pineapple carrot juice recipe is perfect for the Alkaline Diet , The Wahls Protocol, Paleo AIP, Autoimmune Disease Protocol, and Leaky-gut Health.

Alkaline Diet Pineapple Carrot Juice

This juice recipe builds upon the Peek-a-boo Carrot Juice recipe. Surprisingly, this recipe is a good beginner’s juice. It’s not one of those healthy one’s that you have to toss back. Because of the sweet pineapple, this recipe’s flavor is a real treat. It is a good one to try with picky eaters, they won’t know how…

Alkaline Diet Raw Zucchini Flax Juice Pulp Crackers - that actually taste really good!

Alkaline Diet Raw Zucchini Flax Crackers

When you follow the principles of the alkaline diet, it is easy to see that making fresh pressed vegetable juices are a big part of the diet. And after you’ve made a couple of them you probably start to wonder, “What do you do with all of this pulp?”  Making raw flax crackers is one…

Alkaline Diet Probiotic Hemp Basil Dip for Flax Crackers, Chopped Veggies, or Salad Dressing

Probiotic Hemp Basil Dip

Hemp heart seeds make an excellent base for blending as a dip, sauce, salad dressing, or smoothie. Hemp hearts also make the quickest and easiest milk. If you are allergic to avocado try hemp as a substitute for the avocado dressing recipes, about 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts with 3-4 tablespoons of water. It is important when…

Alkaline Diet Roasted Chicory Root Coffee Recipe

Can I Drink Coffee on the Alkaline Diet?

    One of the first things people notice on the do not eat list of alkaline diet foods is coffee. And for some, that’s a deal breaker. Don’t let it be, though.   MY COFFEE HISTORY. I gave up coffee for a couple of years because it made me jittery and more tired than energized. This is…

Alkaline Diet Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Sweet Potato - vegan, free of grains, dairy, and eggs.

Sweet Memories & Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

  SWEET MEMORIES. Some of my happiest memories from childhood include peeking over the edge of the kitchen counter, drooling over the sweet baked treat that my Great-aunt or Grandmother were whipping up. They each had their specialities, Nennie baked the most delicious cakes. Granny could whip up a batch of blackberry dumplings that’d bring…

Alkaline Diet Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipe

Persimmon Coconut Milk Smoothie

If there were ever a blended fruit drink that could boldly carry the title of “Happy Drink,” it would be this one. Blending whole young coconuts and a fully ripe Hachiya persimmon creates a beautifully sweet and creamy drink that your tummy will thank you for.   THE FRUIT. Hachiya persimmon are sweet and taste like pumpkin…

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