November 2017 doTERRA Enrollment Kit 20% off Sale

20% off doTERRA Enrollment Kits November 2017

If you have been waiting for the perfect sale price to buy an Enrollment Kit from doTERRA, November 2017 is your month! For the entire month of November select enrollment kits are 20% off.

What is an enrollment kit?

An enrollment kit is a collection of essential oils or products from doTERRA bundled together at a discounted price. It is called an enrollment kit because the beginning enrollment fee is included for free.


Why purchase an enrollment kit?

There are several themed doTERRA kits that include a variety of essential oils or products meant to help you achieve your personal health goals. Kits bundle products together and are discounted from their individual prices. For example, the Home Essentials kit is the first kit that I purchased from doTERRA because it contains the top 10 essential oils and includes the Petal diffuser. I liked it because I wanted a good basic kit to start using essential oils, I needed a diffuser, and saving the initial enrollment fee was a nice bonus.  In my opinion this kit is what you would purchase if you want an all-encompassing collection of oils to support your personal health and household needs. I use these oils for bringing me out of a funk, help me feel more alert, soothe sniffles, burns, scrapes, and sore muscles, cleaning the floor, deodorizing the room, washing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom just to name a few of the uses. The Home Essentials Kit is discounted by $141.25 retail value this month.

 doTERRA Home Essentials Kit 20% off November 2017 

Save 20% on Enrollment Kits for November.

For the entire month of November 2017 a new doTERRA customer can save 20% off one of the following Enrollment Kits:

  • Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused
  • Cleanse and Restore
  • Home Essentials
  • Natural Solutions
  • Every Oil Kit
  • Diamond Kit


Are you a small business owner?

If you own your own health care business and have wanted to offer doTERRA essential oils to your customers, this is a perfect time to join with a membership. The Every Oil Kit, as the name implies, gives you every oil doTERRA has to offer at a savings of $995.25 USD, basically saving you $1000 retail value compared to if you bought each oil individually.

By purchasing this kit, it will allow your customers to sample doTERRA’s entire essential oils product range and help them decide which oils to purchase through you. Before I began as a doTERRA customer I was given samples of essential oils to try and that helped me to understand the difference in quality and how beneficial the essential oils are.

 doTERRA Every Oil Kit 20% off Sale November 2017

How to Purchase an Enrollment Kit.

It is a very simple process to purchase your kit. First follow the link and click on Join & Save at the top of the screen. Then select Wholesale Customer to purchase products with a 25% discount or Wellness Advocate for the same discount and to begin your own doTERRA business. If you are unsure of which to select you can always change when needed. After you place your order, I will get in touch with you to talk about your order and answer any questions that you may have. It is my goal to help you at anytime.  

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How to save 20% off promotion on enrollment kits and become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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