Curing Vision

About Me, Jessie.


Self Worth Motivational Quote: Be You. It is all that you know how to be.

How to Be Your Best

Being Your Best. It’s been nicknamed bio-hacking by some, I just call it encouraging myself to be the best version of me. Instead of selling myself short and accepting a bunch of aches and pains that I don’t identify with, I want to see how strong and nutritionally fit I can become. When I initially…

Cranberry Detox Herbal Tea to support liver and kidney health

Cranberry Detox Tea Recipe

FRESH CRANBERRIES SUPPORT DIGESTION. Cranberries are a fall and winter seasonal food that can be used to support liver, gallbladder, and kidney health. The tart and sour flavors trigger our body to release digestive enzymes once consumed. This is perfect timing because fall and winter is also a time of year when we tend to…

November 2017 doTERRA Enrollment Kit 20% off Sale

Save 20% off doTERRA Enrollment Kits

20% off doTERRA Enrollment Kits November 2017 If you have been waiting for the perfect sale price to buy an Enrollment Kit from doTERRA, November 2017 is your month! For the entire month of November select enrollment kits are 20% off. What is an enrollment kit? An enrollment kit is a collection of essential oils…

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